Курс Complete Beginner's Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing

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This is an introduction to anatomy and figure drawing. Drawing anatomy for some is an elusive unicorn that can seem impossible to catch. Books can be confusing and even cryptic. I have the same books that you have and they really didn’t help me improve. Not being able to create can be a crippling experience for an artist. We can trick ourselves into thinking we don’t need to draw the figure and can just “get by” through clip art or tracing. The truth is that is simply not good enough. It’s time to finally slay that figure drawing dragon.

 The skills you acquire here will enhance not only your own work but give you a solid base to in any other online course or book. There is no "Quick fix" or "shortcuts" to making great art. It requires work. It's fun work and I'm going to show you a method that will make creating your own human figures for games and comics or a client’s work "pain free".

The skills you will learn will apply to things like character design and turnarounds for games and creating action for comics. It can translate to illustration and digital painting and can even give you a jumpstart to 3D. There are limitless possibilities once you learn anatomy and figure drawing. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself.  

  • ·         You will learn how to draw anatomy without relying on reference
  • ·         You will be able to think like an artist and be a problem solver
  • ·         This is for those that are serious about improving art
  • ·         Keep an open mind and there is no time limit, work at your own pace.
  • ·         You will learn the muscles of the figure
  • ·         You will learn how to pose the figure
  • ·         You will learn to create variety and develop your own style
  • ·         You will no longer need to “search for a pose” or look at another artist's work.

Who this course is for:

  • ·         Any beginner who wants to learn how to draw
  • ·         Art students (traditional and nontraditional and self-taught)
  • ·         Traditional artists who want to learn anatomy and figure drawing
  • ·         Graphic designers who want to learn to draw anatomy to get more clients and more work
  • ·         Anyone who wants to make their own game, graphic novel or illustrations

What this course is Not

  • ·         Not a "Speed Painting" course
  • ·         Not a series of "Shortcuts"
  • ·         Not a "Watch me draw" type of course
  • ·         Not a "magic wand" for drawing (You have to put in the work)
  • ·         No special software or any software is required. 

I hope you will join me and allow me to be your professional guide on your art journey.

Welcome to Learning Anatomy
In this section you will get an overview of the entire course.
Introduction and Course Overview
This is a course overview and introduction.I also included some worksheets. I mention them a few times throughout the course. Now if you do not see a worksheet then nothing is missing. I just want you try it on your own. Don't worry the exercises will be simple. If you want to post your work in the forums so I can help you. That's what I'm here for. And yes I really do answer all of the questions that are asked of me. I check this course daily.
What book do I recommend? (2/26/18)
Here is a quick Video on the book i recommend for drawing figures.
Getting the Most out of this Course
Basic Training
Understand the basic forms that make most things. The sphere, box and cylinder are the building blocks you will have an understanding of as well as the "stick figure"
Stick Figure Lecture
The Stick figure is the building block. The structure of the human form. Everything starts with the stick figure. Making mistakes at this stage is not only common but it is normal and encouraged. I mention PDF worksheets in this section. I have provided them in JPG format in the zip file. Just copy what you see and play around with them. There are no wrong answers. 
Stick Figure 2
Some stick figure practice. Have some fun and don’t over think it. 
Stick Figure 3
More on drawing the stick figure. 
The Sphere
The sphere is one of the basic shapes to create the human form. It assists you on how to draw the skull. It is a must know 3D form.
If You are having trouble with the Sphere
For those of you that are having trouble visualizing the sphere.
The Box
The box is an important basic shape in creating the human form. It gives a solid structure to anything that is a “major” shape. In a more rectangular form it can represent the torso and hips of both humans and animals.
The Box 2
This is a continuation with some practice exercises. It is important to practice on your own as well. Even if you are just doodling while on the phone practice making boxes. 
  • No special software is required. Although I teach in software all you need is a pencil and paper.
  • There are no closed captions or subtitles for this course.
  • The only thing "required" is something to draw with and you willingness to learn and work hard.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Draw the human form from any angle or pose
  • Draw the muscles of the human form
  • Pose the human form
  • Draw male and female figures
  • Draw the figure without using reference
  • Have the ability to create a figure from their mind
  • Never have to rely on clip art or copy another artist's figures for reference
  • Improve your figures
  • Understand the principles of anatomy from a stick figure to the skeleton to the muscles and variety of the human form.
Rich Graysonn
Rich Graysonn
Illustrator Designer

Aside from being an artist as long as I can remember I started offering a few tutorials on Youtube. Little did I know that by teaching people the fundamentals of art and anatomy i'd begin a new dimension to my career. Being a working freelance illustrator with a youtube channel is hard work, and I wouldn't change a thing. I steadily expanded my work from clients who needed branding to doing work on indie games and apps. i enjoy helping artists and non artist achieve that next level. The road to artistic expression and freedom is paved with hard work and dedication. There are setbacks and monsters to slay , but the rewards are great.

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