Cold Calling: A New Approach

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The way that salespeople used to do Cold Calling does not work anymore.

Social Media has killed the cold call.

You need a new approach. In this “Cold Calling Tips & Techniques” webinar, we will show you:

  • How to make cold calls the right way,
  • How to eliminate the wrong kinds of cold calls, and
  • How to use social media to conquer your competition.

Take this Cold Calling Tips & Techniques course and learn how to win a sale.

Cold Calling: A New Approach
The New Cold Call
It's a combination of the Old Cold Call made smarter - and you, the salesperson, doing a little more work on the front end so you don't get thrown out on your rear end.
Make Fewer Calls. Make More Sales.
Cold calling hurts your image. Itis the top reason salespeople quit their jobs. You can make fewer calls, and make more sales, if you use The New Cold Call.
Go From LinkedIn To Link
Start studying Social Media, because that is the new cold call.As you become proficient in the New Cold Cal, you will learn how to go from LinkedIn to the Link.
Where's Your Creativity?
Definition of creativity: having a bunch of fun. Do things that are out of the ordinary to engage and connect.
Research, Value, and Outcome
Before the call, your job is to research your prospect. During the call, your job isn't to close the prospect, but to spark a relationship. After the call, your job is to strengthen the link you made during the call.
Act Professionally. Talk Friendly.
For years people tell me, "Jeffrey, I have to be professional." No you don't! You have to be friendly.
  • The course is suitable for all levels including beginners
  • All you need is an open mind and a willingness to engage in the creative process!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Know the difference between the "old" cold call, and why it doesn't work, and the "new" cold call, and how it can work for you.
Andy Horner
Andy Horner
CEO at Ace of Sales and Self Marketing Hero

Both a communication artist and sales champion, Andy invents and imparts breakthrough ideas to inspire salespeople and business owners to communicate at a higher level and succeed on their own terms. He demystifies the world of self- marketing that every front line business person is now required to master.

Andy, CEO at Ace of Sales, is the inventor, product manager, and creative force behind, the online communication platform built just for salespeople. Through software, webinars, speaking and consulting, Andy helps business leaders differentiate themselves, activate their creativity, and achieve their goals.

Jeffrey Gitomer
Jeffrey Gitomer
King of Sales

The master of selling and customer service, Jeffrey Gitomer, is the author of the top selling sales book of all time, "Little Red Book of Selling," as well as 11 other best-sellers. Jeffrey, a "Speaker Hall of Fame" presenter, trains salespeople at his entertaining, educational, and riotously funny sold-out public and corporate seminars all over the world.

Hundreds of thousands read and rely on Jeffrey's articles each week in syndication and via his "Sales Caffeine" ezine. Jeffrey's style is edgy, creative, off the wall, to the point, and on the money.

The webinars he creates and produces with his right hand man and personal marketing expert, Andy Horner, are no different. Jeffrey and Andy's training courses cover selling, customer service, marketing, branding, business social media, and personal development. Each idea, insight, and inspiration-filled session is engineered to help you reach your goals, grow your business, and make more money.

Each presentation is a visually stunning and value deep masterclass for anyone in sales, customer service, and business leadership.

Jeffrey and Andy's courses are attended by thousands of salespeople, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and people like you.

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Cold Calling: A New Approach