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Whether you realize it or not, cold calling is won or lost before you ever pick up the phone. Are you calling the right person? Are you calling an organization that needs your services? Are you calling at exactly the right time? No, we don’t have crystal balls. But if you know where to look, how to time your cold call, and the myriad of ways to get in front of who you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want, there is no limit to your success.

Join Paul M. Neuberger, Founder and CEO of The Cold Call Coach, as he shares his proven secrets for being an elite cold caller.

Adam, a recent student of Cold Call University, provided this review:

“This course gave me the long awaited Holy Grail of what to say on the phone, how to say it and why it's being said. Paul covers it all and I cannot wait to write a massive amount of new business thanks to what I just learned in this course! With just 1 deal I'm going to write next week as result of the skills I developed in this course, this course will have EASILY paid for itself at least 10 times over. Thanks Paul! And if anybody reading this review is thinking about investing the $200 to learn the highly coveted skills revealed in this course, you're wasting time as you're aware that the longer you wait the longer you postpone your mega payday. I highly recommend this course as this might be the most valuable skill set I acquired this year!”

Join Adam and begin your journey to life changing cold calling success today!

Included in this bundled package of courses, you will receive Course 101, the Introduction to Cold Call University. Then, Paul will take you through his proven three pillars of cold call success, including Course 201 (Strategy), Course 301 (Psychology), and Course 401 (Structure).

Here is a breakdown of each key section:

Cold Call University: Course 101 - Introduction

Join Paul M. Neuberger, Founder & CEO of The Cold Call Coach, as he provides you with a high-level overview of what is covered in the nearly 9 hours of interactive training that is in store for you. He will introduce you to the Three Pillars of Cold Call Success, which forms the foundation of all that is taught: Strategy, Psychology, and Structure.

By mastering these three central tenants of effective cold call methodology, there is no limit to your success and who you can gain an audience with. Paul will introduce you to these concepts, preview what is to be taught in each of the three courses that are offered, and share with you the value that you will get from each session.

Additionally, Paul will provide you with his philosophy as it pertains to this vitally important modality. Why should you cold call? What do you use the cold call for? What are you doing with the limited time you have with the prospect?

By gaining a better understanding of his philosophies and beliefs, you will be better equipped to absorb the lessons that are taught and implement them properly.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Ready to stop living in fear? Ready to take control of your professional life and leave mediocrity behind?

Then enroll today and let's get to work!

Cold Call University: Course 201 - Strategy  

Want to know why people advocate that cold calling is dead? Have you ever wondered why, overall, cold call success rates are so embarrassing low? In Course 201: Strategy, we will walk you step-by-step through the missing ingredient in this formula: a world-class, bulletproof proactive approach to cold calling. Catching the right person on the phone at the right time does not require luck. By identifying one’s ideal client, unearthing specific life events where the needs for ones services go up, and determining key players, it is almost comical how, time and time again, you can be in exactly in the right moment at the right time and for the right reasons. Want to make luck, chance, and conscience - while cold calling - a thing of the past? Then, join us in Course 201: Strategy and let’s get to work.

In "Cold Call University: Course 201 - Strategy" course, you will gain critical insight into these critical "Strategy" related methodologies:

Cold Call Philosophies

The Ideal Client

Life Events and Centers of Influence

Get Inside the House

The Many Ways to Get Into the Organization

Decision Makers and Internal Advocates

Getting to the RIGHT Person


Cold Call University: Course 301 - Psychology

Once you reach the right person (who needs your services) at the right time (on the phone), we need to get the prospect in the right frame of mind so that they will be interested in taking the conversation to the next step. It has been said that people will not always remember what you said, but they will never forget how they felt when you said it. Truer words have never been spoken in describing the goals and ambitions of Course 301: Psychology. Have you ever stopped to think what the prospect is thinking when making a sales call? Have you ever wondered what is going on in their minds when you are going through your stale, well-trodden script? In this module, we will provide fresh ideas and breathe new life into your ability to elevate the mood of the prospect, get them to hang on your every word, afford you the time to complete your script, and actually be excited about the prospect of working with you. Ready to see an increase in the overall energy, enthusiasm, and motivation of your prospect, then take part in Course 301: Psychology and let’s get to work.

In the "Cold Call University: Course 301 - Psychology" course, you will gain critical insight into these critical "Psychology" related methodologies:

Know What You Are Trying to Accomplish on the Cold Call

A Good Defense Beats a Good Offense

Asking Questions While Cold Calling

Keep It Short

Pique Curiosity

Create Urgency

The Call Is Not About You

The Three Worst Words in a Cold Call

The Opening of the Call


Cold Call University: Course 401 - Structure

One of our guiding principles at Cold Call University is to empower our students with the information they need for a lifetime of success. Therefore, rather than give a person a fish and feed them for a day, we prefer to teach our students how to fish and feed them and their families for the rest of their lives. In Course 401: Structure, we won’t don’t just give our students scripts to take and apply, but rather we deconstruct the entire script building process and show our students how to build original, once for all time, word class scripts from scratch. Empowered with this knowledge, our students, no matter what they do, where they go, or who they call, they will have this vital information for the rest of their lives, and as you will see, it can be applied to virtually every situation imaginable on the phone. Lastly, realizing that there can be serious impediments to cold call success, we walk our students through – step-by-step - how to construct scripts for the voicemail, as well as the gatekeeper, so these once insurmountable barriers are now relics of the past. Ready to put everything together and learn how to build a world class script that will get you in front of who you want, when you want, for whatever reason you want, then join us for Course 401: Structure and let’s get to work.

In the "Cold Call University: Course 401 - Structure" course, you will gain critical insight into these critical "Structure" related methodologies:

The Assumptive Greeting

Attention Trigger

Value Add Proposition (VAP)

Establish Credibility

Call to Action be cognizant of capital letters on these phrases

Overcoming Objections

The Voice Mail

Effective Voicemail Protocol

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper Script


Enroll in Cold Call University today and enjoy the success shared by these other students!

Testimonials from Cold Call University Students:

""WOW!  YOU'VE EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS.  Your Cold Call University course was so packed with value that I feel guilty for only paying what I did.  I feel as if I've robbed you! - Ernest

"This course gave me the long awaited Holy Grail of what to say on the phone, how to say it and why it's being said. Paul covers it all and I cannot wait to write a massive amount of new business thanks to what I just learned in this course! With just 1 deal I'm going to write next week as result of the skills I developed in this course, this course will have EASILY paid for itself at least 10 times over. Thanks Paul! I highly recommend this course as this might be the most valuable skill set I acquired this year!"  - Adam

"Paul took a dreaded subject and turned it on its head, creating and presenting the most effective way for sales people of any personality or experience level to leverage the power of the phone for prospecting. Paul's real life success in applying his techniques, coupled with a clear and entertaining teaching approach makes this series easy to watch and even easier to apply to your own business activities. If you don't recoup your investment for these courses within a couple of months of practice and effort, you are simply not trying. Never has it been easier to use the phone to get the right people to return your calls and engage your business." - Ron Chandler

"Paul Neuberger is in a class of his own and a first class trainer. Simply put dude rocks!!! I began following Paul on social media about 18 months ago and the free content he provides is outstanding. I knew I wanted to learn more about what, how and WHY Paul does what he does. After a short phone conversation, it was a no brainer that I would hire Paul for one-on-one training. Now that his course is available on Udemy, I am retaking it. Not because I didn't learn a ton when I worked with him one-on-one but because I want to continually get better. He is a class act and a first rate coachno need to go anywhere else." - Jeremy Angle

"Paul is extremely fun and engaging, he truly makes the content interesting and useful! I found the time just flew by and could not wait to get started with his method. Once I did, I could not believe how successful I was! It is amazing! This course and method work and the results are there to prove it! We will use this course for all of our sales training in the future!" - Margaret Dallmann

"20 years in the business and years of successthen I met Paul Neuberger! His training is so thought provoking and enlightening. First Weber promotes "The Human Side of Real Estate" and Paul Neuberger is the perfect instructor and fit for our culture. Surrounded by technology and shortcuts, Paul teaches the importance and the skills to pick up the phone and engage your potential clients while keeping our core values at the forefront. Paul is brilliant, and very entertaining. I am a student for life! Thank you, Paul for sharing your gift with others!" - Dani Austin-Rauch

"Great course - very different and highly effective way of thinking about cold calling" - Matthew Gillard

"Paul's course has been an invaluable resource. I now have a level of confidence that I didn't have before taking the Cold Call Coach training. Paul is an engaging speaker and presents the material in a way that you can immediately develop scripts and implement your cold call strategy. It has given me a proven formula for cold calling that has in a very short time resulted in more dedicated time, more opportunities and a growing pipeline of potential sales. I am confident that you will take your sales career to the next level with this training. Thanks Paul" - Andrew Sennett

"Before purchasing, I was skeptical about how much (or rather, little) I would learn from this course. I’m honestly extremely glad I purchased and completed these courses. Anyone with 10+ years of sales experience can tell you that almost all sales training is simply repackaged material and you occasionally find a nugget or two that help. I found modules 101 and 201 fairly basic. Great for salespeople with limited experience and those who lack confidence. However, modules 301 and 401 were fantastic!! They completely reframed how I not only think of cold calling, but how I fundamentally conduct my cold calls. There were MANY more nuggets than I was expecting. And to those who are criticizing the “free” version: Did you honestly expect to be given any of the secret sauce in a FREE version? Take my word for it, the ROI on this course came after ONE DAY of cold calling using these methods. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and make the investment. Well done, Paul. Cheers." - Joseph Korb

This is the official welcome video to Cold Call University! In this piece, you will gain a strong sense of the comprehensive objectives within this suite of courses
Welcome to Cold Call University!
Mark Concannon, a multi-Emmy Award winning former morning news anchor, provides an overview for Cold Call University and his personal experiences of working with The Cold Call Coach, Paul Neuberger
Who is The Cold Call Coach?
Meet and get to know the Cold Call Coach, Paul Neuberger, in this comprehensive summary describing his business, his clients, and why his organization is transforming organizations around the world.
Getting to Know The Cold Call Coach
In this powerful video, students will have the ability to meet the Cold Call Coach on a personal level. While Paul is a dynamic speaker, this interview-style lecture allows him to share the reasons why he is in this industry and his aspirations for all individuals participating in Cold Call University.
A wrap up of "Cold Call University: Course 101 - Introduction"
Transitioning from Course 101 "Introduction" to Course 201 "Strategy"
Concluding Course 101 - "Introduction" and introducing our next section.
The comprehensive course that covers the "Strategy" of a cold call
Course 201 - Introduction and Welcome Video!
Our welcome and introductionvideo to Cold Call University: 201 - Strategy
Course 201 - Effective Cold Call Philosophies
Cold calling is a tool and it’s how you use the tool that will determine your success. This section will show you how to be more successful, while also reducing phone phobia and call reluctance.
Course 201 - Effective Cold Call Philosophies
Within "EffectiveCold Call Philosophies", you will be able to define a successful cold call, understand if people are buying companies or people, learn the "why" versus "what" and "how", what it is permissible to do on the initial cold call, along with a host of other incredibly value strategies and methodologies.
Effective Cold Call Philosophies - Test Your Knowledge
Test your knowledge on "Effective Cold Call Philosophies"
Key Exercises For "Effective Cold Call Philosophies" - Let's Get Started!
By utilizing the tools within these Key Exercisesfor "Effective Cold Call Philosophies", you will begin to createthe essential building blocks necessary to develop the ULTIMATE cold call!
  • Outside of coming to us with an open mind, desire to learn, and burning ambition to reach new heights within your profession, there are no other prerequisites for enrollment in our course of study.Whether you come to us as a new professional or have decades of business experience, there is something within Cold Call University for you!Regardless of where you come from, what your skill set is, the field that you are in or how talented you may be, we value you just the same and are confident that you will witness tremendous outcomes as a result of our program.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Those who enroll in Cold Call University will learn that cold calling is not something to be feared, but to be embraced. They will learn the proper pre-call strategy towards effective use of the phone, including philosophy, Ideal Client identification and the proper timing mechanisms to enhance success. They will learn techniques in relational psychology, how to eliminate sounding salesy on the phone, and how to offer a profound Value Add Proposition that compels the person your speaking with to take action quickly. Lastly, they will learn how to build original, once-for-all-time cold call, voicemail, and gatekeeper scripts from scratch and how to effectively use them regardless of who they are calling and for what reason. We believe in teaching our students how to fish, rather than merely giving them a fish, to ensure a lifetime of success on the phone!
Paul M. Neuberger
Paul M. Neuberger
Founder & CEO, The Cold Call Coach, LLC

One of the planet's foremost thought leaders on cold calling, Paul has spent years in both professional fundraising and financial services and has transformed his various practices via his propriety phone methodology.  With clients in just under 30 states and three countries, including professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, as well as stay-at-home moms specializing in network marketing, Paul is forever changing the way that phone calls are made.  His customized, interactive, high-octane presentation style is sure to not only make you a more effective cold caller, but will keep you thoroughly entertained in the process.

Gary Loop
Gary Loop
President of Loop Group, LLC

Gary Loop is a business consultant and coach, with extensive experience developing and implementing successful strategies and roadmaps for entities of all sizes. Gary is currently working to bring elite thought leaders to the international community. It is his delight to see incredible talent receive their due exposure to a worldwide audience.

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