Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss

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Cold calling and talking to a stranger is the hardest thing anyone can do.

However, if you're practicing customer development or conducting market research for your startup, it's super critical to get the person to speak with you on the phone and not hang up. Getting to success will consists of roadblocks in the form of gatekeepers, voicemails, and testy people who are just plain grumpy.

How do you overcome your fears and get President Obama to take your call? Learn the cold calling techniques to get the most important person you need to reach on the phone, the first time.

NOTE: We guarantee you'll make your investment in this course back within your first five cold call conversations!

Congratulations & Welcome!
Congratulations! Welcome to Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss

So who should enjoy and use this course? Few questions to self-qualify before we get started.


  • You in a small company and you have a sales quota without much support?
  • You in a startup entrepreneur and you’re conducting customer development?
  • You are a sole proprietor or a consultant trying to get some bacon out in the business jungle?
  • You curious and want to get over some telephone communications phonbias about talking to people you don’t know?

If you answered yes to any of these, welcome and congratulations! You’re on your way!

However, you won’t enjoy these videos and immediately get value if..

How this course is setup and how you should use the content

We’ve set this course up in various modules that contain topics. Each topic is assembled as follows:

    1. Look at the Problem from an example
    2. Explain the solution to that particular problem
    3. Provide tools to help you practice the solution and master the topic

All our videos are designed to be short and brief so you can get as much information without losing your attention.

Module 1: Understanding Your Self Image
Download the Power Point Slides, Exercises for this course
Hello Sales Students. Thanks for those who alerted us to the downloads. We have attached ALL downloads in this zip. Included in this Folder are: 1) Cold Calling Contract 2) Cold Calling Worksheet 3) How do you Respond exercise 4) Self-Image Attitude Forms 5) Karpman Drama Triangle 6) Theory of Paradoxical Intention 7) You are NOT your Uniform!
Have a 10-Day and don't let anyone lower your self-image! Rock on! Voluble
Fears and anxieties before calls are signals of a struggle and possible self-image problem
Most of us hate picking up the phone and talking to people we don’t know. How does this problem manifest itself? We can self-check with our attitude toward completing the required behaviors and activities. Procrastination is a great example of problems with our self image. We put off doing what we have to do and find other things to keep us occupied. Suddenly, time has passed and we are still faced with a sales quota to tackle and people to contact via telephone to engage with our product.
Exercise #1: Let’s attempt to explore our attitude toward different roles and uniforms.
Let's measure your attitude toward different roles.
Exercise 1: How Do You Respond When They Call
Self-Image Diagnostic: The Uniform test
How did you do on this first Exercise? How did you relate to these uniforms or roles?
We are programmed to not want to help or respond to sales professionals. We are fighting against patterned perceptions of our uniforms and that is impacting how we view our self in this role as cold-caller, business development, or sales professional.
ROLE PLAY: Corey and I role play a call from an emergency personnel: A Fireman Cold Call
Corey automatically responds when I identify my uniform as a Fireman. He’s eager to know what’s happened and I can freely interrogate him and he follows my instructions. Is this how you feel when a sales person cold calls you?
Exercise #2: Lets inventory our own Self-Image, Attitude, and Uniform Performance ranking
You can be as honest about your rankings because you don’t have to hand this in…yet!
Exercise Review: Your uniform performance is dictated by your attitude

The Self-Image-Uniform-Role test gives us a snapshot view of our current view into how we see our identities and uniform/role performance.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I finish all my selling activities today?
  • Am I complaining about the quality of the leads or the quality of the product?
  • Am I feeling like crap each time I either pick up or put down the phone? BLEH

If you are stuck seeing yourself less than a 10 in your Self-Image, you’ll always perform less than a 10 in you role.

  • A basic understanding of how the web browser, rendering, headers, cookies and sessions
  • A basic understanding of Javascript and PHP to follow the examples
Что Вы изучите?
  • You will achieve courage to overcome your fear of picking up the phone
Taariq Lewis
Taariq Lewis
Co-Founder Voluble

Taariq Lewis brings extensive experience and enthusiasm

in selling innovative enterprise software solutions into new industries and companies. Currently, Taariq is Founder at Stanzr, a startup B2B interactive group-chat and group marketing company. Previously, Taariq, led initial Sales, Marketing and Channel development for HiveFire and Terametric.

Taariq received his MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Vitaliy Levit
Vitaliy Levit

Vitaliy Levit is a creator and marketer who believes we're living in the most exciting time in history. He is a continuous student of life who strives to make the world around him a better place. Vitaliy has created multiple courses on Udemy and continues to find new opportunities to set free currently-private knowledge with the world.

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Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss