Cisco CCENT / ICND1 (100-105) + Bonus: The Complete Course

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After completion of this course, students will be prepared and able to pass the CCENT (100-105) or ICND1 certification exam.
Once a student completes this course, he/she will be able to implement the topics learned herein and apply it to real world scenarios.
Completion of this course and passing the certification exam will allow students to move on to any other Cisco certification.
О курсе

This course will take the student from A to Z to prepare and pass Cisco's newest CCENT or ICND1 (100-105) certification exam.

It was produced in a simplistic, easy to comprehend manner in order to maximize the students ability to digest, implement and execute the topics; not only in a test environment, but also in real world scenarios.

Please note that the CCENT certification is the first certification needed to advance to other certification within Cisco's CCNA track.

This means that students need to pass the CCENT to continue any other CCNA certification within Cisco. Unless the student is taking Cisco's composite exam.

Please read the "Course Goals" and "Basics" outlined herein, to understand what you should expect of this course and what you are expected to do and  have before beginning this course.

The CCENT 100-105 course was produced in a very unorthodox and relaxed manner in order to drill in the topics that Cisco requires to meet their criteria and prepare to pass the certification exam.

I hope that this course meets and exceeds your expectation as a Network student and/or IT Professional.

~ Laz

note that the simulators/emulators used in this course are not part of
the course. It is the students responsibility to have these to practice
The Cisco Packet Tracer & VIRAL (Virtual Internet Routing
Lab) are Cisco proprietary software and can only be obtained through
But students have more options that those. They can create their own lab
with real equipment, get BOSON or GNS3.
It is up to each student to obtain the simulator/emulator of their
choice to study along with this course. 

P.S.:  Wondering which book(s) I've used for this course?

  • Cisco Press Book for the CCNA CCENT/ICND1 (100-105)
  • Sybex Book by Todd Lammle for the new CCNA CCENT/ICND1 (100-105)
  • AMAZON book by Lazaro J. Diaz called "The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!
  • All these books can be found on AMAZON

    Introduction to CCENT/CISCO ICND1 (100-105)
    Student will know what to expect in this Course
    Introduction to CCENT/CISCO ICND1 (100-105)
    In this lecture I will introduce to you what we will be covering in this course and also advice you, on the books I am using to make sure you get what you need to pass your CCENT certification.
    TCP/IP Networking
    Introduction to Section
    In this lecture, I explain what will be covering in this section.
    Foundational Topics
    In this lecture, you will gain an understanding a perspective on networks, a brief history of the TCP Protocol,
    Overview of TCP/IP Network
    In this lecture  you will see the new 5 layer TCP protocol stack and learn how HTTP works.
    Summary of Section
    In section I will briefly go over the topics covered.
    Fundamentals of Ethernet LAN's
    Introduction to Section
    In this lecture, I will explain what topics will be covering such as Ethernet and Cabling.
    An Overview on LAN's
    In this lecture, we will discuss what type of cable is needed to connect different devices and gain an understanding of collision and broadcast domains
    Ethernet Physical Layer Standards
    In this lecture, we get a more detailed into the standards and type of cables used in a network
    • Students will need a simulator/emulator while taking this course in order to practice the labs herein.
    • Simulators and/or Emulators for this course are not provided in this course. That is the student's responsibility.
    • It is highly recommended that anyone taking this course should also get a CCENT book from their favorite author...making sure it is for the NEW 100-105 certification exam.
    • Students starting this course should have a BASIC knowledge of Networks and the terminology used in a Network environment.
    • Books used in this course: The CCENT/ICND1 Study Guide by Cisco Press, Sybex CCENT study guide by Todd Lammle & The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!, by Lazaro J. Diaz
    Lazaro Diaz
    Lazaro Diaz
    Network Engineer, Cisco & Microsoft Instructor
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