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Do you want to build a chatbot, so a bot that can talk? Yes, a bot that can talk to your friends or customers or fans while you sleep or do something else. You can make one for your customer that keep on asking the same questions. Or if you have a community for your fans and followers that want to know your details. Use your imagination, any time you have to reply the same thing over and over again, someone else like a bot can do it for you.

In the first part of the course, we'll make a chatbot without programming skills. We'll build a ChatBot that can answer frequently asked questions, and I'll show you how to teach your bot to have any other dialogs. We'll learn this by teaching our ChatBot to make job interviews.

We'll use DialogFlow to process natural language. DialogFlow will help the bot to understand what users want.

The chatbot will communicate to its customers via Facebook Messenger.

And in the second part, we'll use NodeJS to upgrade the bot. So the basic knowledge of javascript and NodeJS is needed.

With the new app, our bot will be able to remember things, that is, store information into a database or connect to other API services. With this, the bot will gain external knowledge and functionality.


At the end of the course, you'll have a fully functional ChatBot. And you'll also know how to teach the bot to have other dialogs with customers. You'll know how to make a bot for yourself and other people.

My name is Jana Bergant, and I'm a developer with over 20 years of experience. I'm an IT instructor teaching people new tech skills. Over 17000 people are already taking my course.

I help all my students at every step of development. And I'll be here for you!

So if the predictions turn right, this will open up a new channel for businesses to reach a large audience. And here is a BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Be one of the first people that know how to build chatbots. You can build it for your business or other people.

This course will show you how to create a ChatBot!

In the course, we use the latest version of DialogFlow. Also, I update videos regularly to stay up to date.

The last update of the course was on 27th February 2020

I added DialogFlow mega agents

Introduction to the course
You'll know how ChatBots work behind the scenes and what they can do. I'll show you the bot we'll build and we'll go trough the requirements: FB developers account and API.AI account
I'll introduce myself and show you the project we'll build that is ChatBot that can answer frequently asked questions and give job interviews. We'll also talk about what makes chatbots such a great opportunity. I'll also give you some tips on how you can reach me. 
ChatBots -what are theyand how do we build one?
In this video I'll introduce you to bots and ChatBots. And we'll talk about chatbot engines. You'll get your first instructions.
What can I do with bots?
ChatBot behind the scenes
You'll get an overview of the chat bot architecture. And you'll see how we can include a ChatBot engine like DialogFlow. You'll understand how chatbots work behind the scenes.
ChatBot architecture
Connect Facebook app with DailogFlow / have a first conversation with a chatbot
You'll have a Facebook page and Facebook app connected to DailogFlow and you'll be able to talk to your bot
Create aFacebook page
You'll learn how to create a Facebook page and we'll set one up for the chatbot we'll be building. Facebook page will be a page for our new bot.
Create aFacebook application
You'll learn how to create a Facebook application and set it up so we can connect it to DialogFlow
DialogFlow setup andintroduction
We'll setup DialogFlow and we'll make first steps in connecting DialogFlow with Facebook app.
Connect DialogFlow andFacebook application - updated
We'll connect Facebook App with DialogFlow agent and this will be a starting point for the new chatbot.
First conversationwith your bot
You'll have your first conversation with the new chatbot via the DialogFlow and via the Messenger.
  • you need to know what chatbots are
  • for the second part of the course you need to know the basics of JavaScript and Node.js
Что Вы изучите?
  • understand how chatbots work
  • build chatbots for Messenger
  • know how to create custom code to add flexibility to your chatbot
  • have in-depth knowledge of natural language processing with DialogFlow
  • know and use the fb messenger api
  • get information from the conversation
  • add persistent menu
  • use all the possible message types: text, images, video, quick replies, buttons, carousels,...
  • students will get a codebase that is easily extendable
  • have a chatbot that can be easily extended to connect to other APIs
  • add rich media messages in DialogFlow
  • have a chatbot that answers FAQ
Jana Bergant
Jana Bergant
Web developer, IT instructor

Jana Bergant has traveled the path of self-taught web development for 20 years, to reach the level of a full-stack developer with a passion for chatbot technology. She has successfully delivered web solutions and chatbot systems, and she is an active consultant to numerous customers throughout the world.

But as teaching is her passion, that is why she is offering these courses.

She knows how to efficiently break through the web development frustration barriers when confronting issues, and she has experienced all the challenges that separate beginners from experts.  

She will help you learn how to:

·       Make the first steps

·       Navigate the landscape of resources and pick the right ones

·       Avoid bugs in the process

·       Reach your goals

·       Finish your jobs in time

“Being a web developer has its perks but it can be difficult as well. There never seems to be enough time for what we want to learn and master. Particularly at the beginning things can get overwhelming. I want to help you experience the positive side of switching to web development” – Jana Bergant

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