Chatbot Mastery: Techniques from Facebook, Google, & IBM.

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Top Down view of the Bot Ecosystem
Entrepreneurs will Learn how to leverage Bots in your Business
UX Design will learn about Conversational Design & Copywriting
Marketers will learn how to leverage and market using bots
Enterprises will see how companies like 1-800 Flowers are using Bots as their main strategy.
Brands will learn how Brands like Disney, H&M, Sephora, Victoria Secret, etc are leveraging Bots.
О курсе

Do you want to learn about Chatbots from Google, IMB, Facebook, Slack, RASA, Chatbots Life & Many More?

The Chatbot Conference featured the top bot entrepreneurs, speakers, and platform with the single goal of sharing the most impactful insights with the goal of the answering the most pressing questions in the Chatbot Space. We want to discover what is working, what patterns are emerging, what should bot builders be building, what are the best ways to market and monetize your bot and much more.

  • 40+ of the Top Speakers in the Chatbot Space
  • Learn from platforms such as Google, Oracle, IBM Watson, Microsoft, etc
  • Learn from Top Bot Startups like RASA, Assist, SmartLoop & more.
  • Get insights from Analytics from Dashbot & BotAnalytics
  • See what is working in for Brands, Enterprises, Startups & more
  • Future of Bots

Winning with Chatbots: Exploring Bots & ROI

Enterprises have been experimenting with bots for nearly two years now and we are finally starting to see use cases that have a positive ROI. We will explore ROI Positive use cases and how Enterprises are investing in bots.

What about VOICE?

One of the biggest differences this year is VOICE! Enterprises have jumped on the Voice bandwagon and the results are coming in. In our VOICE Panel we will look at what is working and what is not working in the world of voice bots.

Deep Dive into NLP & AI 

A look at the current state of NLP and where conversational technologies are headed. Alex Weidauer, founder of RASA, shares the latest state of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and how they are quickly evolving in the bot space.

Most Pressing Topics:

  • UX & Bot Design: Latest design conventions and a look at what's working.
  • User Acquisition & Monetization: User acquisition and sales.
  • Bot Frameworks & Modules: Building Bots using Frameworks and Modules
  • Bots & Emerging Technologies: Look at how emerging tech like Blockchain, AR, VR, etc will impact bots.
  • Bots as Vertical Solutions: E-commerce, Marketing, Customer Service and domain specific bots.
  • We will start out by taking the 30,000 foot view in out Ecosystem Panel.

    Chatbot Ecosystem: On this panel we will explore the current state of the Chatbot ecosystem with top thinkers and thought leaders in the space. Our panelists will give us their thoughts on emerging trends, patterns and provide us with their perspective on what the Chatbot landscape looks today, and what it will look like in the future.

    Who should take this course:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Investors
    • Developers
    • Marketers
    • UX Designers
    • Job Seekers
    • Anyone interested in technology

    This content was filmed during the Chatbot Conference 2018 in San Francisco CA. If you have any questions regarding our conference please visit us online. Conference was organized by Chatbots Life.

    • Interest in Chatbots, Ai, Marketing, Technology or UX Design
    • Want's to take advantage of big market shifts and opportunities.
    Stefan Kojouharov
    Stefan Kojouharov
    ChatbotsLife, Founder @ ChatbotsLife
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