Business Skills: Easy English Presentations (Presenting)

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Presenting in a foreign language can be very challenging. Not only do you have to remember the content of your talk in English, but you also have to make sure your audience can follow your key points. You will learn how to deliver effective presentations which your audience will be sure to understand. There are very simple steps you can follow to make this happen.

English Presentations Made Easy:

  • Learn Language Expressions to help you stay focused during your presentation

  • Get the tools you need to engage the audience and control the Question and Answer session

  • See Examples of “real-world" application of the principles taught in this course.

Target Students:

Are you nervous about speaking English in front of an audience?

Do you have a good command of English, but feel like your presentation skills may be lacking?

Would you like to learn how to sound more natural when presenting in English?

Are you presenting at a conference or meeting, and want everyone to understand your concepts?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then enroll now! You should be at a minimum of an Intermediate speaking / listening level of English. You will also need to commit some time to work on your presentation. I can show you the door, but you must walk through it.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively Deliver a presentation in English
  • Use expressions for describing visual aids
  • Take control of the Question and Answer Session following a presentation
  • Use knowledge of pronunciation to speak with a more natural pace and tone
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your own presentation

And, ELT Online will give you more support outside of the lectures:

  • Quizzes and Supplemental Handouts will ensure that you retain what you have learned.
  • Discussions to connect your learning to the real world.
  • Post your questions about Presenting in English and receive an answer within 48 hours.
  • Like our Facebook Page: "I Love Presenting in English" to get daily tips and interact with other English Presenters.
  • Upload your presentation to YouTube (maximum 15 minutes), post a link as a discussion, and get personalized feedback on your presentation from the instructor within 72 hours.

ELT Online has trained thousands of teachers in teaching English, and now students can benefit from that expertise.

The skills you learn in this course will improve the way you present in English forever.

Enroll NOW, and start delivering effective presentations in English!

Set Yourself Up to Succeed!
Learn how to get the maximum benefit from this course.
How to Access Downloadable Resources
Do These Things to Succeed!
Language Functions for Parts of the Presentation
Use a variety of language expressions for organizing your presentation; engaging the audience; and controlling the Question and Answer ("Q & A") session at the end of your presentation.
Your audience will judge you within the first 10 seconds. Show them that you are in control of the room with a strong, organized opening.
Beginnings Quiz
Test your knowledge of Expressions for Opening a Presentation.
Effective Openings
Choose one of three techniques to help your opening gain the audience's attention immediately.
Smoothly linking the parts of your presentation is essential to keep audience interest, and the key to sounding well-organized.
Transitions Quiz
Check your knowledge of "transition" expressions.
Expressions for Engaging the Audience
Learn expressions for involving your audience and creating rapport.
Engaging the Audience Quiz
Check your understanding of Expressions used to Engage the Audience.
A strong finish lets the audience know that you are a competent speaker.
  • A minimum of an Intermediate speaking / listening level of English
  • A willingness to invest some time outside of the videos to facilitate self-improvement
Что Вы изучите?
  • Effectively Deliver a presentation in English
  • Take control of the Question and Answer Session following a presentation
  • Use language expressions to accurately describe visual aids
  • Use knowledge of pronunciation to speak with a more natural pace and tone
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your own presentation
ELT Online
ELT Online
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ELT Online provides quality professional development opportunities to those in the field of English Language Teaching; as well as high-quality training to English Language Learners. Specialties include Business English, English for Academic Purposes, New Teacher Training, and Test Prep Courses.

The instructor, Joshua Durey has been in the field of ELT since 2003 as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. During that time he has taught in four countries and has helped 1,000s of students improve their General and Business English. He earned his BA in Business Management from the University of Arkansas, and his MA in Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England.

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