Курс Bulletproof Guitar Player: Master the Fretboard

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О курсе

Welcome to Bulletproof Guitar Player! This course is designed to give intermediate guitar players the knowledge and skills necessary for progressing to an advanced level of playing. 

The main focus of the course is to get you to a level whereby you can visualise the entire fretboard with ease; the benefits of this being that it allows you to play and improvise confidently, in any area of the fretboard. 

This is something that I have seen many guitar courses/free lessons/books neglect, instead opting for 'easy and quick' methods of learning to play the guitar, which are very limiting in the long-run. 

Bulletproof Guitar Player is split into three sections:

  • Theory Primer
  • Chords & How to Practice Them
  • Scales & Improvisation 

Theory Primer

I'll start by saying that everything you learn in this section, can be applied to the guitar in real-world situations. There is nothing here that is irrelevant to your development as a musician, you can make use of everything, and all concepts are demonstrated on the guitar in each video. 

What you will learn (in a nutshell):

  • Intervals
  • The Circle of 4th's/5th's
  • How to Memorise Every Single Note on the Fretboard Easily

There are other bits and pieces here and there, but these are the most fundamental and invaluable concepts that you will learn and master in Theory Primer. 

Chords & How to Practice Them

What you will learn (in a nutshell):

  • Diatonic/Functional Harmony 
  • 7th Chords
  • Common Chord Progressions 
  • Triads

Everything taught in Chords & How to Practice Them is built from what you learn in the Theory Primer section. Through learning diatonic/functional harmony, you will understand how chords work together in the context of major chord progressions. You will also learn how to play 7th chords, play common chord progressions and master triads.

Scales & Improvisation 

What you will learn (in a nutshell):

  • Various Scales
  • How to Practice Scales Efficiently Using the Circle of 4th's
  • Improvisational Tools You Can Use to Create Interesting Solos Including: Motifs, Intervals in Improvisation, Using Triads in Lead Playing, and Transitioning Between Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

Like the Chords & How to Practice Them section, everything you learn in this section is built from information taught in Theory Primer. Being able to practice scales efficiently (meaning in multiple keys without having to change position) is an invaluable skill to have as a guitar player as it allows you to improvise in any area of the fretboard and visualise the entire scale no matter where you are. The various improvisational tools taught will give you what you need to turn scales into music and create awesome solos on the spot, which is one thing I see a lot of students get frustrated with. 

There are PDF attachments available to download for many of the lessons (where relevant), that include chord and scale diagrams. There are also play-along tracks in video form that highlight chord changes as you play, but if you'd rather have the file for each then you have the option to download them as backing tracks too. 

And of course, if there's anything in the course that you're having trouble with, just leave a comment in the Q&A section and I'll do my best to answer it for you!

Thank you,


Theory Primer
There Are 12 Notes In Western Music
Introduction to Intervals
Intervals on the Guitar
Different Terminology
An Introduction to the Major Scale
The Circle of 4th's
Fretboard Memorisation Pt. I
Fretboard Memorisation Pt. II
PLAY-ALONG Circle of 4th's
Chords and How to Practice Them
Diatonic Harmony Pt. I
  • You will ideally need an electric guitar, although you can also apply the content to acoustic guitar playing if you wish to
  • A passion for developing as a musician
  • The desire to learn fundamental theory and be able to apply it to the guitar
  • You should be able to read tablature (TAB)
  • You should have knowledge of basic chord shapes such as barre-chords, power chords and open-string chords
Что Вы изучите?
  • Visualise every note on the fretboard instantly
  • Turn scales into melodic solos
  • Move beyond the limits of 'pattern-based' playing and confidently improvise in any position of the fretboard
  • Improvise with major, natural minor, minor and major pentatonic scales
  • Learn the fundamentals of music of theory and APPLY them to the guitar in real-world scenarios
  • Understand how chords work together in major progressions
  • Understand the Circle of 4th's and use it to play any scale or chord in any key, and any position of the fretboard
  • Apply triads to both rhythm and lead playing, expanding both backing and improvisational vocabularies
  • Use diminished and augmented triads to add tension and release to major chord progressions
  • Use motifs in lead playing to begin and develop a well crafted solo on the spot
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell
Guitar Instructor

Ross Campbell is a working guitar player based in the UK. Over the past few years Ross has worked with and received praise from musicians such as Mark Ronson, Brent Mason, Jordan Harvey (BMG), Dunkan Robertson (The X Factor/Britain's Got Talent/Rod Stewart) and Bryan Carter (The Young Swangers/NBC/Juilliard). 

Since launching his first Udemy course Bulletproof Guitar Player: Master the Fretboard in July 2017, Ross has accumulated well over 3500 students from 92 countries, as well as 50,000+ subscribers to his fast-growing YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads free instructional content for guitar players, as well as gear reviews and vlogs about his career as a full-time musician. 

Some of Ross's other accomplishments include a session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios with GRAMMY award winning producer/artist Mark Ronson, as part of an advertising shoot for the 2016 BRIT Awards in the UK. As well as this, Ross has recorded for and performed with a number of artists and gigs around the UK every weekend. In 2017, Ross graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Popular Music. 

In 2018, Ross has his sights set on producing more instructional courses for Udemy, as well as growing his YouTube channel and continuing to take on work as a session musician. 

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