Курс Building Better Guitar Solos

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Frustrated with your guitar solo skills?

  • Are you just playing up and down pentatonic scales hoping that one day they'll become a solo?
  • Are you tired of guessing what to play and want some solid answers?
  • Do you find yourself playing the same solo in every song?
  • Want a simple method explained clearly without music theory and jargon?

Then you're in the right place! This course will teach you a bulletproof method for creating beautiful, richly melodic solos over any chords, in any key and any genre.

  • No scale shapes
  • No guessing or fumbling
  • Simple method

"You were a fantastic conduit and guide. I know i'm a solid guitar player but have always lacked the organic feel of someone who can move around the fretboard."

B.V. Shaar

"Great videos, by far the most comprehensive breakdown I've ever seen"

Buddy T.B.

Become a great lead guitarist using this simple method. Get started today!

The Major Scale
Understand how chords are built from the tones in this scale
Core Concepts
Understand core concepts to enable more melodic lead playing
Core Concepts 1
Know what scale notes make up both a major chord and minor chords. Chord clusters and how they relate to the barre chords.
Live Training Workshop
Match the key shapes to chords as starting point for solos
  • You should have been playing guitar for at least 2 years
  • Acoustic or electric, either is fine
Что Вы изучите?
  • How to create great solos over any chords in any key and in any genre.
  • The 3 most common errors in solos and how to fix them
  • 7 vital musical elements to consider when creating your solo
  • Tell a more melodic and meaningful story in your lead playing
  • Example licks built from the concepts taught
Phil Roberts
Phil Roberts
Guitar Instructor / Hendrix Tribute Show Performer

I've been playing guitar for 33 years and teaching for over a decade. Most of my students are bedroom players who possess "pockets" of knowledge but often haven't figured out how to string them together into a cohesive and accessible way to apply to their guitar playing. 

Many are also overwhelmed with the amount of information out there: they don't where to start or what to prioritise, I help with that.

I know what it's like to be a self-taught guitarist because I am one: stuff can get confusing and there's nobody to ask. Often some of the more academic guitar teachers make it sound more complicated than it is. I always keep this in mind when teaching, I avoid jargon and abstract music theory, because if I explain it clearly and you just play it, you'll understand it.

Originally from the UK, I now live in New Zealand. I spent 9 years as a gigging musician in London supporting acts like Toploader (Dancing in the Moonlight) and Reef (Place Your Hands) I've toured in
bands to Europe and the United States and right now, I play in a Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show.

Курсы Udemy подойдут для профессионального развития. Платформа устроена таким образом, что эксперты сами запускают курсы. Все материалы передаются в пожизненный доступ. На этой платформе можно найти курс, без преувеличений, на любую тему – начиная от тьюториала по какой-то камере и заканчивая теоретическим курсом по управлению финансовыми рисками. Язык и формат обучения устанавливается преподавателем, поэтому стоит внимательно изучить информацию о курсе перед покупкой.
Building Better Guitar Solos