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Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar
This course covers the techniques you will need to play a variety of classic and diverse slide guitar styles. Rick Payne uses both detailed left and right hand videos to demonstrate all the exercises and styles taught in this course. Also there are PDF files containing more explanation along with the tab necessary to play the exercises and 12 study tunes.
If you already play just a little slide by the end of this course you will be able to add so much more to own performance.

What The Course Covers
Rick uses four main regions to explore a range of slide guitar styles:
The Delta

These will give the player more insight into the general approach to the slide guitar.

These are explored in detail throughout the course as Rick takes you on your slide guitar journey.

You can make your slide playing more interesting using a variety of tricks including: two finger slide, harmonic slide and more.

Tuning Guides
These PDF files will help you keep a record of the many tunings used in the course and can be downloaded and used as a reference at any time.

Study Tunes
Here Rick demonstrates 12 study tunes using many of the tunings and styles in the course.
These will further help you to begin to use different styles and tunings in your own playing.

This is a lifetime of playing and research in one course taught by a master player!

Get a quick overview of the course
What are you going to do? This intro with Rick lets you know
Slide Guitar History
Get a full understanding of where the wonderful world of slide guitar first originated
Slide History
Read this article to gain more insight into the wonderful world of slide guitar playing. 
Slide Guitar tips
In this section get to grips with some of the techniques which will help you achieve a great sound.
The Slide
There are so many objects that have there place in Slide Guitar playing and history. Here you'll find a few of my best tips.
Which Finger
This is your choice. They've all been used before, including the thumb. I prefer using the pinky as it gives me the choice of fretting chords behind the slide. Once again, there are no hard and fast rules just put on that thing and see what happens!
What Kind of Guitar do I Use?
Choosing the right guitar for Slide Guitar is very personal and there are many factors to consider. In this lecture you can consider all the options and find the right mix for you.
How Do I Get That Great Sound
Sorting out all those unwanted noises can be a little tricky at first - this tip will give you a few valuable pointers.
Explore the variety of tunings and styles from The Delta through to Hawaii
The Delta
In order to explore the variety of tunings that will take us on our slide journey, we should take a brief tour of the classic slide guitar regions:
Chicago Slide
Ok, let's move up to Chicago on our tour and check out what was happening to create it's own unique take on the Slide Guitar.
  • The students should have a basic knowledge of slide guitar playing.
  • Own an acoustic or electric guitar.
  • Be familiar with guitar tablature.
  • Be prepared to try new techniques and keep an open ear and mind!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Play a variety of slide guitar styles. The course will use exercises and study tunes to explore a range of styles which include Delta, Texas, Chicago, Hawaii and beyond. There are sections on tips, tricks and tunings which will aid to more learning and enjoyment of the course.
Rick Payne
Rick Payne
Guitar Instructer And Performer

Rick Payne is an established acoustic blues guitarist with many national and international tours to his credit. He has become especially well known for his authentic acoustic blues finger picking, in the many traditional styles of the blues including delta blues, piedmont, ragtime and slide and has recorded several albums of this kind.

Often compared with Ry Cooder, guitar maestro Rick Payne’s performances have taken him to prime time TV, to festivals and theatres throughout the UK and on tour to Europe, USA, India, Scandinavia and Greek Islands. He has provided music to a number of major TV productions, for programmes on Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. He has also featured on The Paul Jones and Mike Harding's show on BBC Radio 2.

Rick has recorded a number of CDs, including the noted Blue River Blues

Reviewers have described his sound as: heart wrenching and passionate, delicate and scorching, seriously brilliant, totally absorbing and spellbindingly evocative with raw and fiery vocals to match.

Rick's latest CD Radio City is now available as CD or download Courses and guitar workshop style sessions, teaching the art of Big Bill Broonzy, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Rev Garry Davis, Django, Ry Cooder and many more.

Rick has completed five courses for Udemy - these include:
Let's Django
Beyond The Delta Slide Guitar
Intros And Outros For Blues And Ragtime Guitar
Play Creative Chords
Blues In A Day

He is currently working on a new course for Udemy called
Hooker Blues

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