Курс Beginner Guitar Masterclass: Basic Chord Changing

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  In this masterclass you will be learning and playing along with a Berklee School Of Music Graduate in every single one of my chord changing drills. I will teach you how to hold your pic and then a beginner finger exercise to help strengthen your fingers.

  Next, we go thru all the basic chord shapes and how to play them and strum them correctly for a week or 2and  then we start playing with all the play-along chord drills. The chord drills will start with helping you to be able to change between 2 chords using whole notes, half-notes and quarter notes with a metronome, for example: G to Em, Am to G, Em to C etc. at 60 BPM and then 70 BPM. Practice these drills for a week or 2 and then start practicing changing between 4 chords using whole notes, half and quarter notes all at 60 and 70 BPM's. Practice those 4 chord lines for 2 to 4 weeks with the play-along drills.

  By now you should be changing pretty good between the chords and ready to learn your 1st strum. The 1st strum I teach you is definitely played in a lot of songs and its a great way to get used to strumming up and down. I will teach you how to play the strum using 1 chord with a metronome so you can easily play-along and get the strum down. Then in each chord drill you will learn to play the strum between 2 chords until you are comfortable enough to start changing between 4 chords using different tempos.

  By the end of this masterclass you will have your basic chords mastered and you will be able to play basic songs in time. This masterclass covers the first 2 to 4 months of lessons that I teach privately to my students in Atlanta Ga.

  This Masterclass will get you thru at least 2 to 4 months of lessons, it will help you get your fingers moving and learning the basic chords and help you to be able to change from chord to chord and give you what it takes to be able to play basic songs.

In Your Beginner Guitar Masterclass you will learn:

1. The parts of the guitar.

2. Strings

3. How to hold the Pick.

4. What a Whole note, half note and quarter note are, how to count them and how to play them with a metronome.

5. How to play your first finger exercise.

6. Learn The Basic Chords.

7. How to change from one chord to another using whole notes, half notes and quarter notes with the metronome.

8. All examples are play along, so I teach you how to use the metronome and you play along with me!

9. By the end of the course you will be surprised how many fun songs you can play, just with the basic chords.

You will have all the basic chords mastered and you will be able to play basic songs. You will also be able to play in time with a metronome. There are 70 plus chord changing drills in this section.
Beginner Masterclass Intro. You will learn the parts of the guitar and your first finger exercise.
How to hold and use your guitar pick.
You will learn how to hold and use your guitar pick.
Finger Exercise Review
A review of the finger exercise, things to remember.
Finger Exercise 1
How to play the finger exercise without the metronome.
How to play the finger exercise with a metronome at 60 Beats Per Minute.
Learn how to play the finger exercise with a metronome at 60 beats per minute.
Finger exercise at 70 beats per minute.
Now learn and play along with the finger exercise at 70 beats per minute.
Finger Exercise at 80 beats per minute.
Now learn to play the finerexercise at 80 beats per minute.
Chord Changing Drill G To Em using whole notes and metronome.
Play-along drill in whole notes. G to Em with metronome.
Chord Changing Drill- Am to E Using whole notes.
Chord Changing Drill- Am To E- Whole notes- 60 Beats Per Minute
Chord Changing Drill- A to D- Using Whole Notes- 60 beats per minute
Chord Changing Drill- A to D-Using Whole Notes-60 Beats Per Minute.
  • Its a beginner format, all you need is a guitar. Acoustic or electric.
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  • In this course you will learn all your basic chords and how to play chord to chord with our play-along video drills. You will also learn a basic finger exercise to start strengthening your fingers. The student will also learn how to play the chords with a metronome. Each video builds off of each other with increased tempos and challenges.
Brian molin
Brian molin
Guitar Instructor

Brian has been playing and performing for 41 years and teaching for 22. He teaches students from beginner to advanced levels in areas including performance, theory, songwriting, Improv, sight reading, ear training and technology and works very well with adults and children. Brian Is a graduate of Berklee School of Music and has taught music at Grady High School and in addition to teaching he is the bandleader and guitar player in Sweetwater Junction and The Billy Batts Jazz Quartet and is a hired gun for many different bands and also does studio sessions and production work for bands and artists. He has written and sold songs to Microsoft, Home Depot, Atlanta Braves and Deloitte and Touche and has had many song placements for T.V. and professional sporting events including, Nascar, NBA, MLB and NFL and the NHL. Brian has a deep interest in the development of young artists and a wish to encourage their study and creativity in music and he is very easy to work with. Brian teaches guitar lessons at his home in Roswell, Georgia, Maple Street Guitars In Buckhead and also at Guitar Decatur.

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