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In just 15 lessons, Jeremiah will teach you how to get in tune, position yourself, and start playing songs! Once you get down the right picking, fingerstyle, and fretting techniques, you'll develop your ability to quickly find any note on the fretboard. Following those sweet skills, Jeremiah will move on to showing you how to read TAB and then get into some essential theory.

After this course, you'll be ready to jam out to your favorite tracks!

The theory you learn is simple and explained step-by-step. The chord and scale formulas that you take from this course will literally be applied every time you sit down to play your bass. So study up and take those practice tests! If you have any questions, Jeremiah or someone else from the Lutz crew will step right into help. Just post your question in the Q&A section of the course.

In the final lessons of this beginner essentials master class, Jeremiah will let you out on your own with some tips, techniques, and ideas for where to go next. And if you happen to want to continue your bass education (we sure hope so!) check out Lutz Academy's other master classes where you can delve deeper into theory, song writing, and the two best music genres: rock and metal!

Part 1: Your Setup

  • How to get in tune
  • Proper posture and positioning
  • Playing With a Pick
  • Playing "Finger Style"
  • Part 2: Your Playing

  • Fretting Notes
  • The Musical Alphabet
  • Reading Bass TAB (the most popular form of written music!)
  • Part 3: Your Theory

  • The Major Scale Formula (i.e. how to build any major scale from scratch)
  • The Minor Scale Formula (i.e. how to build any minor scale from scratch)
  • Intervals (an explanation and their shapes)
  • Constructing Triads
  • Part 4: Your Application

  • Linear Major Scales (what they are and their uses)
  • Linear Minor Scales (what they are and their uses)
  • Cool Techniques & Tips
  • Developing Your Ear & Moving Forward
  • Программа
    Part 1: Your Setup
    Get in tune and start playing
    Part 1 Quiz
    Practice what you learned in part 1!
    Part 2: Your Playing
    Fret notes properly, read bass TAB, and know the notes on the fretboard
    Part 2 Quiz
    Practice what you learned in Part 2!
    Part 3: The Theory
    Construct any major or minor scale, play intervals on the bass
    • Grab your bass and get ready!
    Что Вы изучите?
    • Tune a bass
    • Read bass TAB
    • Play with a pick or fingerstyle
    • Construct and play any major scale
    • Construct and play any minor scale
    • Play and recognize Intervals
    • Construct triads
    • Begin developing a perfect ear
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    Bass Guitar Essentials