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This course is for you! If you want to improve your guitar playing in a big way! If you have been struggling with playing barre chords and are getting frustrated on how to play and use them, then this course is for you and everyone who wants to learn to play barre chords once and for all in an easy to use step by step format.

The purpose of this course is to teach the two most commonly used barre chords. I'm not going to rush you so if you are a complete beginner don't worry! I have included lessons showing you how to play the open position chords. These open chords are the basis for the barre chords outlined in this course.

You can learn anywhere, anytime on all platforms with access 24/7. If you have a question, just leave a comment and I will get back to you with a quick response.

Now is the time to grab your guitar and learn to play some barre chords!

In this sectionthe student will tune their guitar to match the video.
Where Do Barre Chords Come From?
At the end of this section the student will understand how barre chords are formed.
E Major Shape Barre Chord
At the end of this section the student will be able to play the E major shape barre chord all over the guitar neck.
A Major Shape Barre Chord
At the end of this section the student will be able to play the A major shape barre chord all over the guitar neck.
Combining the E and A Major shape Barre Chords
At the end of this section the student will be able to play the E and A major shape barre chords and use them in a chord progression.
  • Be able to play basic open E and A chords on acoustic or electric guitar but not required. Don't worry if you can't play them or if you are rusty because I include all the chord diagrams needed for this course and instruction on how to play them. A guitar is needed to play the exercises.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Fast results with this step by step course
  • Be able to play E shape and A shape major, minor and dominant barre chords all over the guitar neck.
  • Use barre chords in learning the songs you want to play
  • You'll be able to play major, minor and dominant chords
  • 40 pages of additional instruction included!
  • No Boring Exercises
  • Develop your guitar skills for all styles of guitar playing
  • How to read chord diagrams
Joe Stoebenau
Joe Stoebenau
Head instructor at Joe Stoebenau Music

My musical journey began way back in the fourth grade which was…well, a long time ago. I started on the french horn which I still play to this day. It was in high school when I began experimenting with the trumpet and later the guitar.  After high school I attended Temple University as a Jazz major in the very first class of the new jazz program. While at Temple I took a recording engineering class and which was a turning point. After 2 years at Temple I transferred to the Berklee College of Music and enrolled in the Music Production and Engineering program. Berklee is a great place to be for a young musician. Because my instrument major was french horn I had loads of opportunities to play much to the detriment of my regular classes.

It was at Berklee that I got interested in playing jazz guitar. It was a rough beginning because I wanted to sound like Wes Montgomery right away! After graduating Berklee I moved to New York City where I soon landed a job recording music for TV commercials. This was a great place to be for a young musician! That is until my desire to play guitar awoke again. From NYC I travelled to Los Angeles, CA and enrolled in GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) which is now Musician’s Institute.

It was after settling in LA that I began playing harmonica. I was listening to a lot of Sonny Terry and it was at this time I discovered the great William Clarke. Wow! William Clarke and west coast guitarist Hollywood Fats became instant influences.

Fast forward a few years and I wrote my first book Christmas For Harmonica. I began teaching lessons and later after moving to the east coast I continued to teach private lessons on various instruments. At one point I was teaching 60 students a week! At the same time playing in several blues bands over the years.

A few more books followed for guitar and related instruments. I wrote two books for the National Guitar Workshop "Teach Yourself To Play Dobro" and "Teach Yourself To Play Pedal Steel Guitar".

While I like teaching private lessons in music stores I found that is very inefficient. I wanted to reach a wider audience and so here we are!

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