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Join the ranks of the modern sales elite.

A new breed of B2B sales professionals is making millions. These professionals automate sales results and get their process down to a science.

If you're here, it means you want to close more deals, land more qualified leads, and make more sales. Guess what? The things you learned yesterday probably won't apply for much longer: B2B sales is being massively disrupted by technology. It's time to get ahead of the curve

You might be wondering:

-How do I close B2B lead opportunities?

Rest easy! You'll learn the whole process from first contact, to qualification, to close.

-I have virtually no experience in B2B Sales. How do I drastically increase my value in a short amount of time?

Check! I fell into the sales world with no experience, and I struggled for a while. Within a year, I figured out how to achieve six-figure results. You'll learn from my experience while avoiding my pitfalls (learn more about me below).

-How can entrepreneurs successfully outsource B2B lead generation?

Don't sweat it! By the end, you'll know how to use VA's and other freelancers to deliver qualified leads on a silver platter. You'll learn a step-by-step process that takes 30 days or less.

-What are the best tools and services for generating high-quality B2B leads and sales?

Glad you asked! You'll learn about dozens of apps and resources that only the most savvy B2B sales professionals know about. Plus, you'll get exclusive access to my very own spreadsheet tools.

Learn the B2B sales strategy that won us business with 16 Fortune 500s. We went from 0 to $1.4 Million. As the first employee and Senior Account Manager at IdeaRocket, a startup that creates explainer videos for businesses, I was thrown into the world of sales with no experience. After floundering for a while, I realized I needed to change my game. I studied intensively, applied new technologies and tools, and practiced through hundreds of calls and outreach opportunities.

Within a year, I tripled the sales of our 2-person company, bringing increase of $282,188. I won business with big companies like Electronic Arts, Verizon, and Bank of America, as well as successful tech startups like Venmo. After hiring a junior colleague, we achieved $1.4M in revenue by the time I departed in late 2014. Now I write books, create courses, and practice sales strategies on an entrepreneurial basis.

If you follow these lessons and take action, I'm confident you'll be on your way to joining the modern sales elite. Among other major benefits, this means generating a continuous flow of leads, sales, and fat commissions.

As a friendly reminder, this is a no-risk course. It comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

See you inside,


How planning my conversations brought me x3 sales, an increase of $282,188...
Success Story & Earnings Reports

In this lecture, you'll learn my story: how I went from an unguided sales process to one transformed by planning and scripting. You'll see the effects it had:

  • Tripled sales within 1 year, bringing increase of $282,188 (you will see a revenue reports).
  • I and later my junior colleague grew a company with starting sales at ~$104k to $1.3 million in revenue.
  • Grew a 2-person company, myself included, to six full-time employees and 10-15 full and part-time freelancers.
  • Expanded from a small shared office to a large space in the shadow of the Empire State Building.
  • Won business with 16 Fortune 500 customers (more on this shortly), and many others across a wide array industries.

My GOAL for this Course:

Triple YOUR sales within 1 year. WHY? Because that's what I achieved, and I think you're in a better starting position than I was because you're investing in your sales education in a big way.

My GUARANTEE for this Course:

You will significantly increase your sales.

BUT you have to follow all the lessons, do the homework, and take action. If that's not your thing, then I encourage to take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sixteen Customers in the Fortune 500.Only 484 to Go...
Overview and Action Items
Get All and Resources HERE
The Lead Generation Blueprint
Build a steady stream of prospects and enjoy new free time by systematizing and outsourcing lead generation.
The Most Important First Step
Use This Tool to Plan for Success
BONUS: Lead Generation Forecasting Tool
Your Framework for Qualified Leads
The Simple & Successful LinkedIn Recipe
  • You must be willing to learn and take action.If you do, I'm confident you'll win significantly more business.
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  • Drastically Increase Your Value Within a Short Period of Time
  • Close More B2B Lead Opportunities
  • Successfully Outsource B2B Sales Leads Generation
  • Access the Best Tools and Services for Generating High-Quality B2B Sales Leads
  • Learn the Most Effective Strategies for Selling and Prospecting via Email
  • Bonus If You Enroll Today: Mastering Account Management ($16 Value)
Dan Englander
Dan Englander
Founder SalesSchema, Bestselling Author, 1st Empl IdeaRocket

Sales, Business Development, Lead Generation, and Video Marketing

Dan Englander is a New York-based author and entrepreneur. He's the founder of Sales Schema. As the first employee, Dan helped launch the animation studio IdeaRocket, where he won business with Fortune 500s and startups like Venmo. He’s the bestselling author of Mastering Account Management, and he teaches high-level courses on sales and marketing. He’s a decent guitarist and he makes a mean paella.

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