Курс AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate [Latest Exam]

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Covers March 22, 2020 (SAA-C02) upcoming exam.

Average passing CSA Associate score of 85%+

No need to read AWS FAQs, Documentation, or Do external Practice if you Master this course.

Invest in a solid AWS foundation that will yield ultimate career success!

A Highest Rated course for CSAA on Udemy  (4.7/5 from more than 5000 reviews) ! You can't go wrong with that

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- Do you want to ACE the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam?,

- Do you want to ACE any AWS technical Job interviews?, AND

- Do you want to establish a VERY strong AWS foundation that will make your 

  AWS career a successful one.

- Do you need to understand AWS services in depth?

The course dives deep into AWS knowledge and assumes absolutely no prior IT knowledge.

Mastering this course will assure you:

a) Confidence in any AWS technical job interview,

b) ACE'ing the exam with full confidence, and with an students' average passing score of 850+/1000,

c) Learning how to think the architect way which is not core to any other available CSAA courses,

d) Become 70%+ prepared to pass each of the following AWS Exams, AWS CSA Pro, AWS Dev Associate, AWS SysOps Associate, AWS Security Specialty

This course will not only provide the above, but it will be your trusted reference while performing your AWS Job duties.

What do you need to do now?

Two things:

1) Enroll to the course and stop wasting time

2) Follow the suggested study plan in Section 1

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a) It is validated, students who took the course have more than 99%+ success rate, and more than 90% of those who passed scored above 80%.

b) 4.7 average rating from more than 5000+ students

c) Bundled Guided Exam practice teaching you exam passing critical skills, and hands-on demonstration labs

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Course Introduction
Introduce the course and its purpose
Introduction to the course:1)What is the course Objective2)Who should attend3)Pre-requisite knowledge
Architect Profession - Info you need to know
Important information to know about the architect professional, typical responsibilities and tasks.
What time does it take to ACE this exam
This lecture discusses this question which Iam sure is valid for majority of the exam candidates, so let's nail this one down through this lecture.
Study Plan
How to best study this content and included goodies :-)
Exam Blueprint and AWS website tour (certification and documentation knowledge)
Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS Global Infrastructure
This section will talk to what a data center is, what is the different between hosting a client's application on-premise in the client's own data center and relate that to introducing cloud computing
Heads up for what this section is - It is for pure beginners in Cloud Computing
On Premise Data Center , What is Cloud Computing
What an On Premise data center is, what are its components, why do we need it? What is the idea behind Cloud Computing? How does Cloud Computing Contrast to On Premise DC What is Capex and Opex
Cloud Computing Offerings - Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
This lectures covers what Cloud computing is, Explains its Offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) it alsoIntroduces the cloud types, Public , Private and Hybrid Clouds
AWS as the Public Cloud IaaS Leader
This lectures covers AWS position as the leader for IaaS public Cloud offerings, and Why you should become AWSCertified along that line!
AWS Global Infrastructure - Regions and Availability Zones
This lectures introduce AWSglobal Infrastructure and explains the concept of Regions, Availability Zones, and Data Centers as they pertain to AWS.
  • Basic IT knowledge is a plus
  • Determination to become Amazon Web Services - AWSCertified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • Readiness to invest the effort and time to master AWS Core Services including VPC, Security Groups, N ACLs, NAT Instance and Gateway, Bastion Hosts, VPN, Direct Connect, EC2, Enhanced Networking...etc
Что Вы изучите?
  • Master all the exam required knowledge and boost your confidence to ACE the exam
  • ACE the exam on your first attempt and become AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certified
  • Access to the 900+ pages PDF file for the course content
  • Take the first step toward becoming a Cloud Subject Matter Expert and be ready for the job interviews
  • Pave the way to your successful AWS career by deeply understanding the AWS platform, and its services
  • Be 70-75% ready for AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate and AWS Certified Developer Associate Exams
  • Be 60% ready for AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Exam
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DolfinED Transforming Lives Through Learning
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DolfinED's primary mission is to help professionals change their lives, by enabling them to acquire the hottest skills and achieve the ultimate success in their careers. The best way to achieve this is through the development and delivery of top notch, high quality, in depth, all in one style, content that creates Impact!.

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