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In this Audio Course, Redhead Roman, CEO of W. A. Production, goes over  the current dominating VST plugins in the EDM Industry. He discusses  plugins like Serum, Synlenth1, Spire, Nexus and Massive. He will be  showing you how each of them sound as well as discussing how the sound  design in each of them is a different. This is a very important course  because it will show you exactly the plugins you will need to make one  of those bangers you are so eager to make. Time to get your learning on,  we hope you enjoy! 

Redhead Roman shows you the 5 priority VST plugins in the EDM Industry  and goes over what exactly we will be showing you in this course. 
Redhead Roman goes over how Sylenth1 has been a leading synthesizer in  the music production and sound design industry for a big number of years  as well as shows you the interface and does a little sound design to  display its amazing sound. 
Redhead Roman displays the beautiful Spire VST Synthesizer, does a  interface overview and creates a nice synth sound to show you how this  plugin is dominating the sound design world. 
Redhead Roman goes over the god of all VST Plugins for the last few  years, Serum. He explains the interface and the fundamentals of creating  an amazing sound in this beast of a VST. 
Nexus & Massive
Redhead Roman goes over 2 of the most iconic VST plugins in the EDM  Industry by showing you the basics of sound design in each and an  overview of the interfaces.   
  • There is no knowledge required, this Audio Course is here to review some of the best Audio Plugins for electronic music producers.
  • You will need a computer capable of running any DAW.
  • You will need an internet connection to watch this videos.
  • Basic Music Production Skills is desirable, but not necessary.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Do great sounds with the best audio plugins on the market.
  • Know more about how Lennar Digital Sylenth1 works!
  • Know more about how Reveal Sound Spire works!
  • Know more about how Xfer Serum works!
  • Know more about how NI Massive works!
  • Know more about how ReFX Nexus works!
W. A. Production Academy
W. A. Production Academy
What about making your sound better?!

WA Production is sound-design label that has been founded by Redhead Roman in 2014 in a small country based in the central Europe called  Czech Republic (also known as Czechia).

This label was built from nothing – no investments, no funding, no big  team of experienced people, nothing. Yet here we are - playing the lead  role in the sample pack industry in just a few years. All of this has  been only possible thanks to the enormous support from thousands of  producers all around the world. 

Everything we have achieved, we want to give back to producers. That  is why we are releasing hundreds of free sample packs, FL Studio  templates and even plugins. That is why we are creating tutorials, audio  courses and releasing useful blog posts on a weekly basis. All of this  belongs to our Fans and Community. You deserve it!

Welcome to WA Production – the world’s greatest source of free  Content and quality Sounds and Plugins for Electronic Music Producers.

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