Audacity Software: Audio Editing for Online Course Creation

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Discover how to download and use Audacity for creating, editing and publishing your audio files
Find out how to export your audio content from your video course so that you can open them easily in Audacity
Discover the structure and techniques for creating a professional audio book
Learn how to import and edit your audio files to create Chapters of your Audio Book
Discover why your Audio Book really needs a prologue
Let me explain why I think its a good idea to create an introductory video
Discover how easily you can compile your chapters into a single file for the convenience of your audience
Discover another free tool which ensures that your audio files have consistent audio levels across every Chapter of your Audio Book
О курсе

Discover the magic of Content Repurposing?

With Audio Content, a whole new range of options is opened up for you!

Do you find you have more time to consume audio content than video content? So, what about your students?

Hello, I am John Colley and welcome to my Course. I am really looking forward to working with you.

I realised that if I converted my video courses to an audio format I could do so much more with it!

  • Give it as a bonus
  • Use it as a Lead Magnet Give Away
  • Sell it as an Extra offer at the end of your Video Course
  • Upload it as a Limited Series Podcast on iTunes

Would you like me to show you how easy this is?

What if I told you that you can do this using completely free software?

Discover how to:

  • Install and use the basic commands in Audacity
  • Export your audio track from your existing video course
  • Professionally structure your audio book from the start
  • Create opening and closing credits
  • Edit your audio chapters in Audacity
  • Create a prologue for your audio book
  • Export your audio chapters to both MP3 and AIFF
  • Use Levelator to get a standard audio level across all your chapters
  • Compile your audio book into a single file for ease of listening by your audience

My first Audio Book made $200 and got over 600 enrolments in its first month with very little marketing?

What are you waiting for?

Don't forget - there is a complete 30 Day money back guarantee = No Risk for you at all!

Enrol in this course and start making your Audio Books today!

Best regards

John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist

Business Strategist, Online Course Expert and Founder and Host of the Online Learning Podcast

Introduction to the Course
Welcome to the Course - I am going to tell you what you can expect!

Welcome to this Course - Its great to have you here and I am looking forward to sharing with you exactly how I create Audio Books from my Online Video Courses.This is a step by step course and the software you need for this - Audacity - is 100% Free!

Let me know how you get on - leave me questions and comments in the discussions or message me here on Udemy!

Are you ready to create your first Audio Book!Great - Lets Get Started!

If you are viewing this in Preview - then what are you waiting for?Enrol now and lets get going!

How to Post an Audio Book on Udemy which you can Sell
This shows you how easy it is to create an Audio Book course on Udemy.It will not be listed in the market place but in every other respect it is just as good! And you can sell it too!
Why Create an Audio Book
There are at least six good reasons to create an audio book from your existing video course and I explain them here. Bear in mind that not every video course is suitable for the audio book treatment particularly if it is very dependent on visual demonstrations and screencasts.
How to Download and Install Audacity (Free Programme)
If you don't have Audacity installed on your computer you will have to go to the download site, get it and install it.The programme is completely free and simple to install.This lecture shows you where to go and then you just follow the instructions for a download in the normal way.
Quick Guide to the Audacity Commands You Will Need to Know

Before we get started, I would like to show you the key tools we are going to be using in Audacity so that you will find the creation of your own Audio Book easier.If you are already familiar with Audacity, you can probably skip this lecture.

If you are new to Audacity, why not try creating your own small audacity file and working your way through this lecture with your own Audacity recording to get familiar with Audacity

Audio Book Production Guidelines Before We Start

To make sure that you are going to create your audio books to a consistent standard, I have set out some guidelines for you to follow.They are not complicated or difficult but will make your production much more professional.

What are the Opening and Closing Credits?

The Opening and Closing credits tell your listener some key information about your audio book and are important to include. This lecture explains what they need to contain

How to Record the Opening and Closing Credits

This is the first time that you are going to be opening Audacity so this is a good way to introduce you to the application.I show you exactly how to open a new Audacity project, record your opening and closing credits and save the file.

Exercise 1- Record Your Opening and Closing Credits for Your Audio Book
You will find the Project Check List attached to this document.You need to record your opening and closing credits
  • How to download Audacity from the internet
  • Have already created or be planning to create an online course or a digital product you are intending to sell online
John Colley MBA, MA(Cantab)
John Colley MBA, MA(Cantab)
Investment Banking | Business| Entrepreneurship | Finance
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