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Sep 2019 - Updated lecture Download and install Audacity to reflect the new Audacity website.

There's a reason the A is listed first in AV. It's audio/visual not visual/audio. Producers often focus too much on the video side of a project and forget the importance of the audio. As a result, the badly recorded sound will kill a video due to poor audio quality. For this reason, when you watch a video and the audio quality is not good, the first thing your brain says is, "The picture looks bad.”

Don’t let the value of your video drop because of bad audio recordings. With this simple Audacity tutorial, you will find an easy and free way to increase your audio AND video quality. Remember, your video is only as good as your sound.

"Wow, a lot covered in a short space. All the topics I needed to continue improving were covered and a few areas I either hadn’t thought about or didn’t even know I could do. Many thanks."

- Mike Walker

"I find this tutorial very clear and easy to follow. Really good course with a systematic step-by-step approach. I never learned so much within an hour. Mr. Delac has a very nice flow so I didn't get tired at all. He is also very relaxed and has amazing teaching skills. The tutorial is full of useful tips that save a lot of time. And nothing is left unexplained. After watching this I already feel confident enough to make my own recording. In my opinion, this is high quality tutorial. Keep on!"

- Vedran Rutnik

Discover how to

bring your voice recordings to another level. Discover magic of Audacity, unlock its hidden features and produce high-quality YouTube videos, podcasts, narration or voice-overs. This easy tutorial will quickly get you up and running and dramatically increase your next audio project and thus make you look and sound more engaging and easy to the ears and eyes.

Learn step-by-step 

how to record, edit, remove noise, equalize and compress as well as amplify and normalize your audio to sound like it’s coming from the professional studio. Don’t worry, it’s not hard as it sounds.

You don’t need to be next best audio editor out there, but I’m sure that with this knowledge you can safely say that you know where to start, and who knows, maybe one day you will find out that music production is your life goal, which will bring me ultimate joy that I was your starting point. Darth Vader once said: When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master :)

Audacity: Make Your Voice Sound Better for Free is a quick crash course that teaches the fundamentals of editing audio in Audacity in an easy and understandable way.

After completing the course you will be able to offer high-quality audio for podcasts, Udemy courses, speeches, sermons, and more with these professional editing techniques!  Stop wasting your valuable time searching the internet for the right material and get everything you need in one place. Learn to edit and improve audio files easily in Audacity in this step by step course!


“Hey Filip, I’m not that good with a computer, is this gonna be hard for me?”

Absolutely no. I don’t want to hear word hard in anyone's vocabulary. Audacity is a free and powerful program and if you're just recording a voiceover, you don't need to learn a lot of the technical stuff. You need only essentials that will help you to create clear audio. If you have any questions or problems you can find me on Udemy and ask me anything that bothers you. I’ll be glad to help you in your learning journey.

“What if I can’t make my hardware or my microphone work and I already purchased the course?”

Don’t worry, if you are that unlucky and your computer is working against you in every possible way, simply use Udemy money back option and you will be fine. And don’t forget to enroll it back when you feel ready, I’ll be here.

With THIS TUTORIAL, a whole new range of options is opened up for you!

Hello, I am Filip Delac and welcome to my Course. I’m really looking forward to working with you.

What if I told you that you can do this using 100% free software called Audacity?

What are you waiting for?

Come along with me and enroll in this course and start making awesome audio today!

There is a complete 30 Day money-back guarantee which means no Risk for you at all!

I hope you will enjoy this course as much as I enjoy making it.

Best regards,

Filip Delac

What is Audacity - A Quick Overview
Quick preview of the Audacity and its features.
Basic Preparations
You will learn how to choose the best microphone and how to set up recording environment for best results
Best microphone for voice recording
Find out which microphone is best for your voice recording, learn differences between condenser and dynamic microphones
Setup your workspace
To successfully perform voice recording it's very important to setup environment correctly to maintain consistency across your whole recording session
Installing Audacity and preparing your hardware
Learn how to install Audacity, get familiar with interface and setup correctly your hardware for recording
Download and install Audacity
Quick guide on how to download and install Audacity and some tips on downloading files from internet
Get familiar with interface
This quick lesson will introduce you to Audacity interface, but don’t take this too seriously because you will learn all you need as you progress further with this tutorial
Setup your hardware
To be able to record your voice you need to properly setup your hardware. This lecture is important to get you started, attention is advised.
Your first recording and project organization
Record your voice and learn how to properly organize files and install must-have plugins
Your first voice recording
Learn to record your voice for the first time in Audacity
  • No audio experience is required. You only need a computer and an internet connection to download Audacity for free, which I show you how
  • Windows OS but also applicable to Mac users
Что Вы изучите?
  • After completing the course you will be able to offer high-quality audio for podcasts, Udemy courses, speeches, sermons, and more with these professional editing techniques!
  • Choose the best microphone for voice recording
  • Set up your workspace for optimal recording performance
  • Use Audacity to create, edit and export audio
  • Use the different effects to enhance audio material
  • Speed up things with Audacity chains
  • Record anything from the internet
  • Enhance voice by adding compression, normalization, equalization and more
  • Understand the basic principles of great sounding audio
  • Remove blemishes
  • Convert/Extract audio from video
  • Understand various audio formats and settings to get the best audio quality
  • Stop wasting your valuable time searching the internet for the right material and get everything you need in one place.
  • Learn to edit and improve audio files easily in Audacity in this step by step course!
Filip Delac
Filip Delac
"Anyone who stops learning is old" - Henry Ford

Hi and welcome to my Udemy course page where you can learn and grow your knowledge with lifetime access to several of my courses.

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Filip is SEO specialist aimed at high-quality content with a strong background in design, management, and organization. He holds a masters degree in Information Sciences so all of his work reflects proper information architecture, usability, and relevance. He likes to work with everything related to online businesses and possesses a talent for improving organic SE rankings with creative approach thorough research and analysis. Filip loves what he does and his passion is visible in his dedication and willingness to take that extra mile to get the job done. Besides that, Filip likes to keep things simple, effective, and clean. He likes to constantly improve and optimize websites to achieve business goals.

"I have a passion for anything business related, enjoy writing, organizing and developing successful digital experiences. I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge with others and I’m grateful for living in a digital age which opens new opportunities to expand and grow like never before."

He often likes to steal a quote from Henry Ford who said: ”Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”

Filip believes that In order to get competitive and stay employable in the future, you’ll need to BOTH broaden AND deepen your skills and with ever growing internet economy and businesses, it’s perfect time to jump in the future train.

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