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Get started using Audacity - even if you've never used the software before! We'll start by walking you through how to download and install the program, move on to the layout and functions of the software, then move into some of the most essential and basic functions of this powerful audio editing tool.

This course is for:

  • Those who want to learn the basics of audio editing
  • Those who want to start a podcast but don't know how to record or edit audio
  • Those who need to learn the basics of good audio editing technique - and how to do it
  • Anyone who wants to master the skills needed to eventually become an audio editor
Video instruction with a "see it done - then you do it" structureScreen capture videos will show you how to do every function, each step of the way. Assignments will guide you to do what you just learned to embed the skills in your mind. It's up to you to keep practicing until you are proficient.I can learn to be a "professional" audio editor using this software?Seriously, Audacity is used by many professional audio editors and is extremely powerful in what it can do. You'll go from step one all the way to being a skilled user of the software if you walk through these videos and put the skills into practice.
What to expect and installing the software.
You'll have your head on straight, knowing what to expect and what will be required of you to master the Audacity software.
Course Intro - Welcome to Audacity!

Hi, Carey here…

I'm not one to mince words. I think you'll see that in this video. It introduces you to the course ahead, challenging you to get your mind right and your attitude determined so you can truly MASTER the Audacity software. Take a bit to listen to this, then set your mind and get busy!

Download and Install the Audacity Program

This video assumes you do not have Audacity on your computer already. You'll walk through the step by step process of finding Audacity on the internet, downloading it, and installing it for the type of computer system you are using.

The basics of the Audacity Interface
Once you complete these videos you'll be able to get around Audacity comfortably, do some of the more essential functions, and edit audio on a basic level.
The basic layout and interface of Audacity
This video will walk you through the layout of the Audacity software to help you become familiar with the program. Take your time to walk through this one. Go through the things I cover in your own program, as it may be laid out slightly different than what you see on my screen. Be sure to get this down. The more familiar you are with the layout of the program, the more efficient you'll be in using the Audacity program.You will also learn how to export an Audacity project into another format - mp3, wav, aiff, or whatever you prefer. Those are the formats you would use in most media players, or to upload to a podcast host like Libsyn.Watch until near the end of the video to get the website where you may need to download the LAME mp3 codec that will enable you to export mp3 files.You can find that plugin file for FREE at http://lame.sourceforge.net
Basic Functions of Audacity - Part 1
This session is all about Audacity "projects" - and that's a distinction you'll want to get very clear in your head. Watch and listen to learn the difference and know how you can create a project, open a project, save a project, and import sounds or music into an existing project.
Audacity Projects
This is a quick quiz to make sure you know the difference between an Audacity project and other file formats.
Basic Functions of Audacity - Part 2

This session will show you how to record sounds using a microphone, how to import music into the program, how to play those audio files, how to save the project, and how to export the project into a mp3 file for use in other programs and applications.

In this video I give you an assignment. If you need music to use, I have included a file you can download and import into Audacity.

Audacity Basic functions #2
Test yourself on what you learned in the past video.
It's time to do some fun and practical stuff!
Create your own voice-over - edit at faster speeds - select your edits more quickly - make faster cuts - use a few helpful effects - remove background noise - work with multiple tracks
Create your own Voice-Over - it's time to have some fun!
This is where it starts to get fun! You'll be creating your very own Voice-Over in this lesson. It won't be something you'll use for professional purposes, but it will show you the ease with which you can create truly useful things in Audacity. Have fun!You can also use the music in the resources below to do this project - but PLEASE, do NOT use it in any commercial or production uses that you plan to publish.
Voice Over Quiz
Just a quick couple of questions to make sure you understand the function and use of a "Voice Over."
  • Own a Windows or Mac computer with plenty of disk space and processor capacity
  • Nothing else - I'll walk you through it from step one!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Edit podcast audio professionally
  • Become an audio producer using Audacity
  • Edit podcast audio for others and make some cash!
Carey Green
Carey Green
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcast Producer, Author, Coach

I'm a retired Pastor, now working as an entrepreneur - making my entire living online. My primary business is Podcast Fast Track - a company that provides podcast production services and show notes to busy podcasters. I also provide life coaching and have written a number of fiction and non-fiction books..

My Audacity for Podcasting courses are created from my personal experience using the open source Audacity audio editing program. I'm passing along my hard-learned tips and tricks to enable you to be a better editor of your own (or someone else's) podcast audio.

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