Arranging Techniques for Ableton Live, Produce Better Music

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Arrange your music into a composition.
Use the Ableton Live workflow.
Use the Sliding Plates method to quickly and professionally arrange your songs.
Add variety without using complicated or frustrating methods.
Learn techniques to be professionals.
Be able to walk into a studio, and have a handle on music software and arranging compositions.
О курсе

This course is about using Ableton Live to arrange your songs. You can use Ableton Live Lite, or other music software as well.

The techniques you will learn, will help you in multiple areas of your recording career or journey.

This course deals specifically with applying a method I call Sliding Plates to your compositions. However, I do more than that. I walk you through how to use Ableton more effectively, so you become more productive.

I've arranged over 400 songs in Ableton Live, and have been in the music industry since 1992. I have recorded and produced serval albums in many genres. I've learned a lot of techniques that I want to share with you, which will help you write and complete songs faster than you have before. I have developed techniques and concepts that I will teach you, which will help you to utilize most of what Ableton Live offers.

I go step by step, and mouse click by mouse click. I have divided up the lessons into small and bite sized pieces. My goal is to be quick and efficient not overwhelming. I give you tips along the way. I zoom in when you need to see some detail, and I help guide you around the interface, and walk you though complicated terms with analogies and simple things to remember.

This course is designed for any one who is seriously frustrated with music arranging.

Stepping into the computer software domain, can be overwhelming and daunting, and I have worked hard to make this course an easy transition.

You might be and experienced musician, but when it comes to arranging a song, you might get frustrated or ask the question - What do I do now? I am here to help. This course is geared for you.

You might be ok at arranging, but maybe you need more help, maybe your songs do not vary enough, so this course is going to help you see how to add variation, and help your songs pop.

You might be using Protools, or Logic Pro, or CakeWalk, or Sonar, or another software program, yet this course is still of great value to you. You can apply the concepts and theory into those programs as well.

So sign up, and take this course, and be on your way to a better professional.

Introduction to this Course
Here you will get an overview and introduction to the course.

In this course you will learn how to arrange a song in Ableton Live 9. The technique you will learn is effective in ProTools, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, and others. In any style, or any software program you can apply the same technique. This course is specifically designed to teach you how to learn about the method which I call Sliding Plates. This course not only goes over technique, but I show you step by step how to apply the technique to a working composition. I work with you on launching clips, and arranging a piece. I also explain the workflow in Ableton, so that you can work more productive in the software.

The techniques in this course, can be applied to Ableton Live 9, Ableton Live Lite, Logic, Logic Pro X, Garage Band, Cubase, Protools, Reason, CakeWalk, Sonar, and other music Platforms.

Concepts of Composing and Arranging in Ableton Live
You will learn how to navigate Ableton, and be introduced to the Sliding Plates concept.
Two Views of Ableton

He we look at the vertical and horizontal views of Ableton, and briefly explore the interface.

Concept of Sliding Plates
Here you will learn the concept of Sliding Plates, and the theory behind it, later we will apply the technique to the composition.
Imaginary Line concept

You will learn about the imaginary line, a concept for more productive arranging in Ableton.

Duplicate and vary tracks with little to no effort.
You will learn how to create tracks, and variations with little effort, and how to transform boring and dull compositions, into full-featured and complete sounding works.
Start with a combined MIDI track.
Here we are going to look at the 3 main MIDI tracks that we used to build this song.
Methods for playing the piano.
Since we are looking at chords, I wanted to show you how I write chords, and give you some ideas how you can play the piano, or vary your chords when you play.
Converting the Piano, to a Piano Roll, MIDI editor.
Sometimes it is hard to visualize how software works, so I take a brief aside, and show you how a Piano Roll in a computer program translates to a real piano.
Chord Theory
When talking about chords, and progressions, it is useful to talk about Chord Theory, so here is some advice, and encouragement, as you go along your journey.
Splitting out Bass and Chord Notes
Here I show you how to separate the bass notes from the chords.
  • It is helpful to have a copy of Ableton Live, or Ableton Live Lite, but you can use any software you choose.
  • You must be willing to learn the whole process. It is good to know it anyway, but you will be required to learn Ableton to help make your music great.
Sam Gill
Sam Gill
Instructor, Sr. Consultant, Executive Director, Producer
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