American Accent Made Easy - Mastering the American Accent

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To give you a perfect Standard American accent that you can apply in all fields to improve your communication with others, make you clearly understood and allow you to pass as an American as opposed to a foreign speaker.


My philosophy with teaching the American Accent is to remove all the useless and redundant exercises taught by many accent coaches and teach you only what you actually need to know! 

Accent work shouldn't be intellectual, so I come from a philosophy of teaching you a set of drills and technical knowledge that will get the accent out of your head and allow you to speak naturally and effortlessly without needing to think about it. When using your accent, you should be focusing on what you're saying in your speech, or presentation, or meeting, or audition, NOT how you're sounding. 

This course will give you the tools to finally be confident with your American accent so you can focus on the tasks at hand and not worrying about how you sound.


This course is for anyone who wants to perfect an American accent, regardless of your field of work. The teachings apply to everyone from those who work in IT and business, to those who need the accent for presentations, meetings, phone conversations, to actors, hosts and voice over artists.


You will learn a set of full-proof Drills to hone and harness your Accent for everyday use. You will also learn a series of Technical aspects that will elevate your accent and make you indistinguishable from a natural American speaker. We will also cover Advanced Technique to ensure your accent holds perfect in any situation.


"My lack of understanding of the US accent was preventing me from booking work. Ashwin has a wonderful, effective and easy to learn approach to his teaching that wasn't just about the sound, but also rhythm and tone. After only a few lessons I had more much confidence for auditions and within only a few weeks had book an American job!"

- Keisha Castle-Hughes (Oscar nominated actress in Game of Thrones, Whale Rider, FBI: Most Wanted)

"Meticulous, thorough and practical. Ashwin Gore's accent coaching means walking in the room feeling prepared and on-point with the American accent."

- Deobia Operai (actor in Independence Day 2, Dumbo, Sex Education)

"Ashwin has helped me get the perfect American accent. His methods are easy to learn, easy to practice and fun to do. Not only did he help me with the accent, he also taught me to use my voice in the best possible way."

- Tyler Atkins (actor in Outlaw Chronicles, Puberty Blues)

Students will understand my approach to the accent and the way we are going to go about learning the perfect American accent.
An introduction to the course, an outline of the lessons and my philosophy on teaching and learning the American Accent.
Students will learn the full set of drills required to perfect the Standard American Accent.
Placement and the American R
The first and most important American Accent drill focuses on Placement of the accent and developing a crisp and resonant American 'R' sound.
The ER Sound
This drill focuses on the important ER sound and how to develop and maintain the sound without pushing it too hard.
In this drill we focus on the Plosive sounds in the American Accent which ensure we finish and articulate all our words.
The SH Sound
This drill focuses on the SH Sound commonly found in the American accent.
The CH Sound
This drill focuses on the CH Sound. An often neglected sound, the CH sound will ensure you don't drop a beat with your American accent.
Drills Run Through
A full run through of the American Accent Drills. This chapter allows you to see the what the drills look and sound like when done in one go, and also allows you to follow along by pausing the tape and trying it for yourself.
Students will learn the Technical elements of the American Accent that bring together the skills developed with the drills.
American Rhythm
One of, if not the most important lessons in this video series. Its no good having words that sound American if you don't speak with an American Rhythm. This lessons breaks down the elements of the American Rhythm.
American Rhythm - Application
In this lesson, we apply all the rules we learned in the previous chapter to a section of a monologue from the film Good Will Hunting. We watch American Rhythm in action.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language
Что Вы изучите?
  • Speak in a perfect American Accent in professional, business, casual and social situations.
  • Learn a set of Drills to exercise and perfect your American Accent.
  • Learn the Technical elements of the American Accent so that you come across as a natural American speaker, as opposed to someone 'putting on an accent'.
  • Learn Advanced techniques to set you apart from the crowd.
  • Learn only what you NEED to know, not all the redundant FLUFF that many other coaches teach.
  • Don't spend hours and hours on slow lectures. Learn the Accent quickly, efficiently and with precision.
  • Worksheets are provided to follow along with.
  • Take the lessons with you! The class is optimized for laptops, tablets and phones.
Ashwin Gore
Ashwin Gore
American Accent Coach

Ashwin Gore is a Los Angeles based coach who specializes in the Standard American Accent. His clients are professionals in all fields including Entertainment, IT, Business, Management, Marketing, Promotions, etc. In the Entertainment field, many of his clients have started booking major roles on TV/Film because they have perfected their American accent. His clients including Academy Award and Emmy Nominees who have appeared in projects such as: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Roadies, Dumbo, Independence Day 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Bastard Executioner, Proof, Star Wars: Phantom Menace, Unabomber: Manhunt, The Shannara Chronicles, and many more.

Ashwin uses his American Accent in the field as an actor and has appeared in Oscar winner William Monahan's MOJAVE (opposite Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac and Mark Wahlberg), 9-1-1, Netflix's UNBELIEVABLE, CRIMINAL MINDS, MODERN FAMILY, FRESH OFF THE BOAT, FOR THE PEOPLE, ACE IN THE HOLE, Bollywood-esque film YOU CAN'T CURRY LOVE, and online series GAME NIGHT, WHAT IF, DIRTY THIRTIES and THE DATING CHRONICLES.

His goal is to teach the American accent in a quick and easy way that removes the intellectual elements which make the learning process slow and difficult. Ashwin has removed the useless and redundant lessons taught by many coaches and teaches only what you actually need to know to be empowered with a perfect American accent.

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