Airbnb Ninja: Advanced Methods for the Part Time Airbnb Host

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Big Update: Thanks to everyone for joining in the course launch. In the first month alone, over 630 students enrolled, and laid down nine 5-star reviews!


Recent reviews:

"A very detailed, thorough and quality guide for anyone looking into the field of Airbnb."

-Ian M.

“More than I expected: very smart and useful, not only on the management of Airbnb program, but also on many aspects on marketing and advanced management! I really appreciate it!"

-Chia-Yun H

“I'm impressed by this course and the techniques I have learned in a few hours. It has amazing value. I'm long term user of Airbnb and with the help of Jeff I'm sure that I will start earning good money. Thank you and recommended."

-Bojan Savic

“This is an amazing course. Every section is well explained step by step and wonderful for beginners. I recommend everyone to take this course."

-Zrelli M.

“The lessons in this course go way beyond pure information. Jeff (the instructor) knows his stuff inside out, and more significantly, he knows how to pass his knowledge clearly so that I can take action on it right away."

- Michael C.

What's Covered:

First I'll show you my Airbnb earnings, that I made in just a few hours a week, to give you an idea of what is possible.

Then you'll learn several clever techniques that open the door to airbnb data specific to your market, that will help you optimize your listing, and outperform your competition. These methods will allow you to attract more guests, or charge higher prices; resulting in more booking, and more profit.

Then you'll hear about 3 critical messages to send your guests, and the importance of exactly when to send them; that will result in raving reviews, which will also bring you more bookings.

Then you'll learn how to use an array of powerful efficiency and automation tools and concepts will have you savings 10s of hours per week, which means more profit in less time – in other words, a significant hourly pay raise for you!

Course Style:

The course consists almost entirely of screen casts and animated power points with engaging audio walk-throughs. I cut out all the fluff, and all the beginner-level tutorials you can find elsewhere. The lectures are clear and to the point – just like I want to save time in my own business, I also want to save your time, and give you the highest impact, practical, insightful content, in the shortest amount of time.

Time Commitment, and Practicality of Content:

You can complete this course in just a few hours, and immediately apply your learning, to boost your bookings, and reduce your work load.

Additional Materials:

In addition to the core lectures, I've also supplied plug-and-play templates that you can use to optimize your Airbnb operations.

My Guarantee:

I'm so confident that you're going to love this course and find a tremendous amount of value in it, that I guarantee that if you're not 100% satisfied, that I'll give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

The Next Step:

Start making more money in less time by, and sign up for this course now. If you use even one concept from within, you will have paid for the course many times over. In fact, Every day you don't take this course, you are losing time and money!

Get Acquainted
My Earnings: See what's possible with just a few hours of work per week
Know your Potential: Reverse-Engineer Earnings of other top hosts in your market
Help me help you: How to use this course
Optimize your listing for a flood of new bookings from high quality guests
Introduction to Optimzing Your Listing
Optimize your title with this tool prized by online markets around the world
Tool Setup: Easy Instructions you can follow in 2 minutes
Tool Demo: Watch this screen cast to see the tool in action
Instantly accentuate your listing using this tecnique used by computer coders
Connect with an insider at Airbnb corporate to glean valuable market data
Learn from this painfully common mistake that makes even top hosts lose money
  • A basic familiarity with Airbnb, and an existing listing (in any condition)
  • Access to a computer and an internet connection
Что Вы изучите?
  • Double your Airbnb "Hourly Wage", by learning how to cut 10s of hours of work out of your operation every week
  • Increase your Airbnb Profits by Optimizing your Listing Title And Description Using Market-Specific Data and Marketing to a Highly Lucrative Niche
  • Use a powerful data analytics tool prized by online markets to discover the top-performing key words for your listing title and description
  • Connect with an insider at Airbnb corporate to glean valuable market data, and receive credible feedback on your listing (learn what you're doing wrong!)
  • Market to a often overlooked niche, and easily increase your payouts by 50%
  • Reverse-Engineer Earnings of other hosts in your market to identify top performers from which you can learn, and understand your own earnings potential
  • Discover the golden window of time when your messages are most likely to be met with enthusiasm by your guests – save yourself the headache of answering questions multiple times, and get better reviews by using this information
  • Use this tool to correspond with guests in BATCH and save 2 to 10 hours every week – You'll see exactly how!
  • Accentuate your listing title and key points of your description using special visual HTML elements (I'll show you how to do it without any coding)
  • Outsource a significant portion of your work to a vetted airbnb expert, saving between 5 and 20 hours per week
  • Have your airbnb correspondence forwarded to any phone in the world while you travel (and how to access US-airbnb services if you live outside of the US)
  • Blast out messages in record time, using a tool heralded by efficiency aficionados around the world. Save 1 to 3 hours per week.
  • Never again leave money on the table from a missed reservation request– learn how to add redundancy to your reservation notifications
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell
Entrepreneur, Part Time Airbnb Host, Life-Long Learner

I'm an entrepreneur and life-long learner; now I travel the world, immersing myself in new cultures and gaining fresh insights at every opportunity. Before I was an engineer turned product manager designing and then selling robotics for a 6 billion-dollar-a-year Fortune 500 company.

I'm working on a variety of entrepreneurial projects, and funding them by renting out a property on Airbnb, in my spare time. I've received quite a few questions about how I manage to pull in an income on Airbnb, in just a few hours a week, so I decided to put my learning into a course here on Udemy.

I'm passionate about personal development, lifestyle design, efficiency/productivity, marketing and travel. I've traveled to over 30 countries (so far - many to go!) and I've taught hundreds of executives and sales staff how to market and sell their products. I also am a budding bicycling enthusiast!

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