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We found that we could create this amazing life for ourselves where we were making good money, doing something that matters by giving people an awesome travel experience), and freeing ourselves up to do the other things we love -

  like travel, Read, teach yoga, Volunteer

  spend time together

  be there for our family

  and the list goes on.

Let us show you how we did it, and you can too!

The Free Stuff!
How to avoid bad guests &protect yourself, and your space. “The Honest Clean” And How To Get More Bookings!
How to avoid bad guests &protect yourself, and your space.
The Honest Clean
Get More Bookings!
Introduction to the Airbnb My Space Masterclass
MC 1.1 Masterclass 1 Session I: First Steps, Bookings & Earnings
First steps before setting up, set-up, creating your online listing, getting bookings and and earning more money
First Steps: Before you start through set-up MC 1.1.1
Setting up your Airbnb Space Before you start
Get More Bookings - MC 1.1.2
Make More Money! MC 1.1.3
Make More Money There are two ways to look at this: what you earn per hour as a human, or per month as a real estate investment. Which one are you? We’re a hybrid of both! Let's look at how to increase your investment income and decrease your hours invested to increase your hourly rate!
Volume I: The Outtakes
Your Listing, The Honest Clean, and Automating Your Communications
How to set up your listing on Airbnb, How to quickly, efficiently and effectively knock out "The Honest Clean," and how toAutomate Your Communications for seamless guest interactions
Setting up the Listing on Airbnb LMC 1.2.1
  • Have an interest in running your own fun and profitable Airbnb business!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Start up a successful & profitable Airbnb.
  • Solve common Airbnb hosting problems.
  • Avoid the pain of common pitfalls.
  • Plan for the future.
Levi Wiggins
Levi Wiggins
Entrepreneur, Hustler, Airbnb Superhost

Hi! We're Levi & Shayna . We got roped into the wild world of Airbnb when my dad made a joke that went something like this: "When you move out, we're gonna turn this place into a B&B; when you come home, you can sleep in the barn!" SoI listed his farm on Airbnb & sent him a link. Surprise, you're a B&B! That was a few years back. And when we got to Nashville, we decided to see if we could keep making that same joke. And five years later, well, the system is working!

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