Advanced Sextuplet Chops - Gospel Chops Drumming Masterclass

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Play a range difficult, innovative and inspiring Sextuplet Gospel Chop Sequences.
Gain a whole new tool kit of Linear Sextuplet Phrasing.
Create your own Chops, Licks, Fills, Patterns, Orchestrations and Sequences.
You will develop some serious CHOPS!
О курсе

The best Gospel Chop lessons on the internet!

This course consists of 20 lessons explicitly teaching advanced linear sextuplet phrasing. You will learn to play a variety of innovative, challenging and inspiring gospel chop sequences. 

The aim of this course is to demystify the world of sextuplet gospel chop drumming and provide you with a tool kit of phrases, licks and fills that you can use in your playing. 

This course is aimed at intermediate/advanced drummers and is unique because there very little talking. It is suited to drummers who enjoy seeing clear demonstrations, exercises and transcriptions. Each lesson follows an innovative lesson structure that makes learning the difficult chop sequences presented easy!

7-step lesson structure.

1.    Demonstration

2.    Breaking It Down – Phrasing Exercise

3.    Putting It Together I – Triplet Combination Exercise

4.    Putting It together II – Sextuplet Combination Exercise

5.    Fill Applications I – 2 Beat Fills

6.    Fill Applications II – 1 Bar Fills

7.    The Finished Product

All you have to do is follow the videos and complete the exercises outlined in the PDF's.

This course delivers a variety of fun, challenging and inspiring linear sextuplet fills that you can copy, practice and internalise. After you have spent enough time developing your technique and playing these fills, you should be able to improvise freely and create your own patterns and phrases.

The Featured Chops
By studying and praticing the material in these lessons, you will develop a whole new tool kit of linear sextuplet phrasing.
Welcome to the Advanced Sextuplet Chops Course!This video walks you through the 7-Step Method and explains the structure of the lessons in this section. Course Outline - Download the Course Outline for further more detailed information about the author/producer, background, lesson format and content.Progress Checklist - Download the Progress Checklist to keep track of your progress throughout the course. Tick off each exercise you have completed and use a metronome to to track your tempos. Make sure to play the patterns cleanly paying attention to the ghost notes and accents before you speed begin speeding the patterns up.

The '4 Stick Cross' Sextuplet Chop
In this Lesson, you will learn to play the ‘4 Stick Cross’ Sextuplet Chop. This fill features a left leading (LRLR) cross-over pattern between the Hi Hat and the Floor Tom. The pattern occurs on beat 3 of both bars and is a little awkward to play at high speeds. When practicing this orchestration, remember to bring the left hand under the right when transitioning from the Hi Hats to the Floor Tom. The fill also features an interesting Paradiddle-diddle orchestration in Phrase 1 and a 6 Stroke Roll in Phrase 3.
The 'Smooth Rider' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Smooth Rider’ Sextuplet Chop. This fill features many interesting ideas put together. Phrase 1 is played completely with the hands and features a 6 Stroke Roll and two (RRL) 3 note sticking patterns. Beats 3 of both bars are made up of a RKK RKK pattern and a LKK RKK pattern and the fill finishes on a 4 + on the Crash/Snare followed by the Kick to transition back into the groove.
The 'Hallmark' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the 'Hallmark' Sextuplet Chop. This fill features a number of different length sticking patterns joined mostly by doubled Bass Drum insertions. The sticking patterns all differ in length throughout this fill are arranged in groups of 3,7,2,3,4,7,7 and 2. The fill also features an interesting 7 note sticking (LRRLRLL) between beats 1 and 2 of both bars as well as a very tasty right leading 7-note orchestration to transition back into the groove. 
The 'Slick Slider' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Slick Slider’ Sextuplet Chop. This fill features a shrinking 9 note sticking pattern based on the 6 Stroke Roll that gets shorter by one note each time (RLLRRL RLL, RLLRRL RL, RLLRRL R). The fill also features 5 doubled Kick Drum strokes inserted throughout and finishes on the Crash and the Snare on beats 4 + to transition back into the groove. It is called the ‘Slick Slider’ because it slides down the toms twice throughout the fill and flows very smoothly around the kit.
The 'McIntyre Mudshake' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘McIntyre Mudshake’ Sextuplet Chop. There are many notable patterns within the phrases of this fill and it is an excellent Kick Drum workout. Phrase 1 makes a simple and repeatable lick around the drums and works great as a stand-alone fill on its own. This chop also features an interesting (RRLKK LRKK RRL) orchestration in Phrase 2 played between the Kick, Snare and Hi Hats as well the recurring theme of KKRL played all over the kit.This chop was written during a lesson with one of my students where I was guiding him through the process of how to make up a linear sextuplet fill. The resulting fill is what was transcribed during the lesson and later became part of this course.
The 'Fay Smelter' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Fay Smelter’ Sextuplet Chop. The 4 phrases combine nicely to make a unique fill with a lot of attitude. The left handed ghost notes in Phrase 3 can be a little difficult to keep quiet and the fill finishes with a slightly different variation of the ‘4 Stick Cross’ covered in lesson 2.
The 'Go-to Gavin' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Go-to Gavin’ Sextuplet Chop. This chop is very hand dominant and features only Single Kick Drum insertions. This fill was inspired by Gavin Harrison’s playing in the song ‘Hatesong’ on Porcupine Tree’s 2005 live DVD Arriving Somewhere. I fell in love with this style of fill from the moment I heard it and decided to write my own version using similar sticking's and orchestrations.
The 'Trail Blazer' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Trail Blazer’ Sextuplet Chop. This chop features an interesting orchestration of the RLRLKK pattern in phrase 1. The orchestration forces a lot of hand movement and creates the illusion of a cross-over when the hands don’t actually cross. Watch out for the (KRLRLL RRLKKL) sticking in phrase 3 as it feels a little unnatural at first and take note of the identical rhythms with different orchestrations in Phrases 2 and 4.
The 'Caramel Kick' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Caramel Kick’ Sextuplet Chop. This chop features a very satisfying (LRLRLL) pattern that flows down the toms between phrases 1 and 2. The sticking, ghosting and kick drum insertions in Phases 3 and 4 can be a little awkward to play as well. Watch out for the LRL sicking and the single ghost note in the middle of Phrase 3 as it can be a little difficult to coordinate too.
The 'Angry Bird' Sextuplet Chop
In this lesson you will learn how to play the ‘Angry Bird’ Sextuplet Chop. This chop features an accented Paradiddle sticking in Phrase 1 as well as a left leading Paradiddle-diddle sticking in Phrase 3. Phrase 4 flows very nicely down the toms and back to the Hi Hat and Snare to finish the pattern.
  • Sticks, drum kit and a practise space
Nick Bukey
Nick Bukey
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