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The Advanced Music Production Secrets course is guided to the intermediate-caliber music producer.

We focus on:

  • Workflow
  • Shortcuts
  • Mindset
  • Inside secrets
  • Giving your music a professional edge and unique sound.

I teach you tons of inside secrets which are so useful to have in your back pocket as you are creating, mixing, and arranging your song.

You can use these tools with trial and error to force your tracks to work!

If you feel like you're always getting stuck in your productions, or feel like you're not improving, these inside secrets will give you the confidence and tools to progress further, and help you finish your tracks.

I repeat throughout this video:

"It's all about having these tools in your back pocket so when you get stuck, you can simply try all these different techniques and find the one that makes your track work."

You will gain invaluable insight to my production process and mindset.

YouTube videos will not give you the same experience as this course.

Enjoy !

# GratuiTous

Advanced Music Production Secrets
You will gain expert insight to speed up your workflow and learn the inside secrets giving your music a professional sound.
  • A basic understanding of your music program
  • Be able to create a beat from scratch
  • A desire to learn and strive to become better.
Что Вы изучите?
  • An Immense Amount of Tricks to have in your Back Pocket to Improve your Music
  • Discover your Music has its Unique Place in the Music Industry
  • Speed up your Workflow with FL Studio's Helpful Shortcuts
  • Proper Mindset when Building a Beat
  • Tempo Tricks to Fine-Tune Your Track
  • Enhance Groove with Swing
  • Crafty Sound Design with SPEED and EFFICIENCY!
  • Piano Roll Secrets for a Super Fast and Efficient Workflow
  • Essential Mixing Mindset to Make Concrete Decisions
  • Advanced Hand-Crafted Beat Repeats + New Melodies
Riley Weller
Riley Weller
[FL Studio Teacher and FL Studio Expert]

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is an FL Studio teacher who has used FL Studio since 2009.

He has worked with a GRAMMY nominated artist, and runs the podcast 'Music Production Made Simple'.

He also writes music production books, and has over 25 FL Studio music production courses!

His students tell him that his approach to explaining topics is extremely easy to understand.

His music production courses are based on FL Studio, and can range from beginners to advanced, to your mindset behind your brand within this music business.

Feel free to reach out to GratuiTous with any questions you have about FL Studio.

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