Advanced agile communication skills for 21st Century leaders

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  From the team that runs the world's largest 21st Century leadership course, we present to you a next-generation course on communication & control.  

Warning. This advanced course focuses on communication in the context of information flow, control & decision-making. It is not a standard, average, 20th Century management communication course that talks about body language.

Our course is the only one built on the 21st Century science of cybernetics (the science of communication and control).  We have used this incredibly powerful science to provide you with 21 clear, practical and powerful communication tools.

By attending this course you will discover one of the key secrets of the 21st Century leaders; the fundamental relationship between communication & control. Just like finance ensures the smooth running of a team or organisation by organising the flow of money, advanced communication skills organise the flow of information throughout the organisation. By attending this course, you will

·         Discover 21 advanced communication tools that are specifically designed to help leaders communicate in today's complex, uncertain and rapidly-changing world.

·         Dramatically improve your ability to think clearly, communicate concisely and learn quickly.

·         Master the control cycle & upgrade your ability to perform the 5 crucial leadership activities of setting goals, planning, communicating, implementing and learning.

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Why you should take this course!
Test your knowledge. Do you have advanced communication skills?
Find out if you have advanced communication skills!
Welcome to Advanced Communication Skills for 21st Century Leaders
Printout containing ALL 21 advanced communication tools
1 How to use advanced communication skills to achieve your goals
3 How to improve co-ordination amongst teams and departments
2 How to build an agile team
Summary of section 1: The Primary Principles
Section 1 The Primary Principles Quiz
This quiz enables you to evaluate your learning so far. All the answers to the quizzes are in the material!
4 How to create clarity in your team
  • None
  • No pre-knowledge or experience is required. Even though we cover advanced material, it is unlikely that you will have covered the pre-material before so we guide you from the introductory material all the way to the advanced content!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Build agile teams that can rapidly respond to change.
  • Improve awareness; think more clearly and communicate more concisely
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Use communication skills to create better plans
  • How to communicate with people
  • Use communication skills to improve implementation & performance
  • Learn fast and more effectively
  • Communicate with clarity and confidence
Leadapreneur Academy
Leadapreneur Academy
Learn to lead agile innovation


“100% business as usual = 100% chance of death”

Jan Bartscht is a futurist and innovation consultant; he specialises in helping leaders fight disruptive innovation by guiding them to transform their organisations and people into agile digital innovators.

Co-founder & MD of Leadapreneur, a boutique innovation consultancy based in
Kuala Lumpur, Jan sees first-hand the reality of innovate or die in his daily work. He consistently sees 2 kinds of incumbent firms; those who are being disrupted and those who don’t know they are being disrupted. In recognition of this, Jan has built his expertise in awakening management and senior leaders to today’s ‘Innovate or Die’ reality, engaging them to discuss how they need to change and driving them to transform their people, business and culture. 

His keynote ‘Innovate or Die’ engages audiences to understand the astonishing scale, speed and consequences of today’s disruptive innovation. Using stories and detailed industry examples, Jan enables managers and senior leaders to understand what disruptive innovation is, why it’s killing companies and how they can transform themselves to become an agile digital innovator before it’s too late. 


1. Build rapport using real data

Jan researches your industry, share price, financial reports and disruptive trends to present a fresh, clear, data-driven perspective on the disruptive innovation reality of your business.

2. Shift mindsets with compelling stories

Engage the audience to shift their mindset
by sharing compelling stories from
your industry of why companies are dying.

3. Awaken the desire to change

Awaken the desire to change by sharing a practical roadmap that leaders can take to transform their people & company based on the incredible insights of complex systems science.  

“We have had the privilege of having Jan address our talents on several occasions, and each time, Jan presents impactful, compelling and thought-provoking insights that challenge us to look beyond the status quo. He is able to highlight serious issues in an engaging, even entertaining way, making the intellectual core that forms the substance of his presentations accessible to all.”

-Michelle Iking Head of Talent, Learning & Performance, Citi Malaysia

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