Advance Cold Calling: The Path To Success

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In this Advance Cold Calling course we will be looking more advance aspects of Cold Calling, and how you can quickly get in to the person you are looking at speaking to. This will not be a Golden Bullet for everything, however it does break down some of the harder aspects of Cold Calling, and gives you some aspects on how to get to the Gatekeeper.

Introduction to Advance Cold Calling- Iwill give you a overview of who and what Iam, and do.
Prospecting and how to do it.
You will walk away with a quick understanding of Prospecting from 2 different 8 figure companies. We will also have links to the Platforms that are trusted as well as a Google Sheet.
Cold Calling Tips that Science Say You Need!
Top 5 things that you have to have, that science backs up.
The Psychology behind a cold call
What all the Elements are needed.
Deep Dive in to the Art of the Call
Breaking the calls up and see how each section works as one.
The Art of the Sale or Pitch
Here is what we are going to learn in this course. We will take what you learned on the Cold Calling 101 class, we will keep building off that, Deep dive in to what each aspect of that video means.
50 in 150- What does that mean
50 in 150- Set goals, andKeep them- Ipersonally like the 50 calls in 150 min- That is 3 min. each call guess what that talks about a 90 min rule we chat about more later.
Taken a break
After every 60 min, or 125 calls, step away from your desk for a few min. Breath simile, and know YOU ROCK!!!!
  • Basic Cold Calling Skills
  • A person to test your Advance Skills with
Что Вы изучите?
  • Being able to pick up the phone, and do a sales pitch from start to end, with confidence.
Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill
Owner and CEO iNovate Marketing, Inc

A sales and marketing professional with a focus on digital marketing, iNovate Marketing, Inc CEO Jamie Hill holds a Bachelor’s in business and marketing with a concentration in teaching and a minor in psychology. For the past 15 years, his combination of education and grasp of consumer behavior has positioned him to put iNovate on a trajectory for success.

A disabled Veteran, Jamie bought the company and has since grown it 10 percent every three months. iNovate is projected to earn a half million dollars by the third quarter in 2017 just through its forthcoming new products and services. He is a sought-out speaker and instructor on topics such as SEO, marketing and business.

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