Accent Reduction Made Fast and Easy

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This course is about how to learn to say difficult sounds in English quickly and to reduce your accent audibly. We will cover the most important phonics/sounds that my clients - from India, China, France, Russia, Brazil, Spain and so on - have the most problems with doing business in the US/Silicon Valley. You don't have to go through all the lectures, just pick the areas you feel you still have to work on and practice the words diligently. You will see the slides that go with the video and most of the time, I also uploaded additional practice materials. If you work on your English pronunciation consistently, you will see results really fast. 

Introduction to the Course
Welcome to accent reduction made fast and easy! This course is for you, if you speak English but want to sound better and want your friends and colleagues to understand you clearly. I've been working with accent reduction and American communications for the past 16 years, so in this class, we're going to go through the sounds and word stresses that I found foreign-born speakers have the most trouble with. I speak 5 languages myself and know what it is like to work on getting a good accent! The course is divided into short segments which will walk you through the vowels, consonants and more of the sounds which are troublesome like the Rs & Ls the Vs & Ws and the THs, not to forget words with er, ir and or - like word, world, work that a lot of people can't really say well. We will also focus on the syllables in words which need stress on them, so you don't put the "emphasis on the wrong syllable". Once you've gone through all parts, and have practiced them well, you will definitely notice improvements and see that you've reached your goals and can feel good about your speech. Oh, just to let you know, I've also put together some documents you can download as well, which will give you even more material to practice. So have fun, get started soon, because the more you practice, the faster you'll have the results you want.
Vowel Sounds
The Long Vowel A
This lecture is about the long A sound.Note that by making the long /a/ sound, you should realize that it is really a mixture of two sounds: /a/ and then going up with you voice - /e/, so it sounds almost like /ayeee/.
The Long Vowel E
The long E is in many words, you really have to make an effort to say it correctly - and the main thing is to move your mouth to a smile while you say the sound.
Long Vowel I
Long Vowel O
The long O is only said correctly if you make a round, open mouth. Watch my lips and how I speak with an open, rounded mouth. 
Long Vowel U
The U sound is actually quite easy to say for most people. Again, you have to have the correct mouth position and can't make the sound if you do it behind closed teeth.
Short Vowel A
The short vowel A is one of the hardest to make. Please practice it until you are sure you are saying it correctly. It does make a difference!
Short Vowel E
Be sure and practice this sound a lot as well. I added more words for you to use for practice on purpose.
Short Vowel I
Short Vowel O
Short Vowel U
  • You need to dare to speak American English daily [and people in the US don’t care about your mistakes!!] and also commit to studying hard. If you do, your pronunciation [and you] will shine.
  • I've also included homework materials which are different from the main materials in the videos, be sure to work with these as well.
Что Вы изучите?
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to speak American English in a much clearer and confident way because you have a much better American English pronunciation.
  • You shouldn't have to worry about how you are speaking but be able to concentrate on what you are saying.
Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D.
Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D.
International Executive Communications & Startup Pitch Coach

Having moved 34 times across 3 different continents, and speaking 5 languages, I leverage my background to help international executives and start-up entrepreneurs find their voice in Silicon Valley via US business communications and pitch training [including accent reduction].
Over the years, I've worked and currently work with international executives and entrepreneurs from DreamWorks to Facebook, coming from Russia, Brazil, Spain, China, India and France, to name a couple, to help translate these executives' business stories and start up pitches into structured, understandable messages for the US business audience. 

I'm a Mentor at 500 Startups [] where I work mainly with the international startups on their Demo Day pitches - what fun!
In addition, I give seminars to international MBA students at UCLA's Anderson School of Business and UC Berkeley's HAAS School of Business and teach classes at Stanford University's Continuing Studies.
I received a Master’s from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. I also hold a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Tübingen, Germany.
Here are the classes I've taught at Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program:
1. Branding Yourself Strategically using social media
2. Communications for International Business
3. Managing Virtual Teams
4. English Business Writing for Executives


Executive coaching international executives and start-up entrepreneurs from China, India, Russia, Spain, France etc. in: accent reduction speech, presentation skills, VC and angel investor pitching., ESL, US business communications, personal branding, social media in Silicon Valley.
Fluent German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English, teach workshops in 5 languages.
Event organizations include: GABA, Startup Embassy, SiliconHouse
Author: They Made It!:
Co-Author: Communicating the American Way


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Accent Reduction Made Fast and Easy