Ableton Wavetable Synthesizer Video Survival Guide Part 1+2

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First, learn how wavetable works feature-by-feature
Second, learn how sound design works best with wavetable synthesis
Design "other-worldly" sounds using wavetable synthesis
Design drums, bass, pad and lead sounds
О курсе

Wavetable synthesis is the best type of synthesis to use for designing other-worldly, unnatural drums, pad, bass and lead sounds.  Ableton's newest synthesizer opens the door to unrivaled timbres!  This course will lead you through all the features AND provide hands on demonstrations so that you can learn the synth and then get to work design the sounds that you need.

Inject New Inspiration Into Your Electronic Music By Learning To Sound Design Using Ableton's Wavetable Synthesizer.

  • Learn how Wavetable works, feature-by-feature
  • Unlock Wavetable's unique sound design potential
  • Recognize wavetable patches more easily when listening
  • Build drums, pads, basses and leads in hands on lessons

Ableton has created a unique, powerful (and CPU-efficient) wavetable synthesizer that is capable of completely unique sounds.

Cut to the chase!..  Get a solid understanding of how Ableton's Wavetable (and wavetable synthesis in general) can play a role in helping you make your music stand out with unique sounds.  There are some types of sounds that you can only really make using wavetable synthesis.  Wavetable's intuitive "Destination Based Modulation" also makes evolving pads, grooving basses and lively leads easier to program (and a lot of fun to play)!

This course will bring you up to speed on the the history of wavetable synthesis, its role in electronic music and then show you how to get started with sound design on your own.  

  • Quickstart projects to download
  • Hands on walkthroughs
  • Understand how and why Wavetable is a need-to-know synth

Course Overview:

This course kicks things off with a solid introduction to wavetable as a synthesis platform. You'll learn about how it is different from subtractive, FM and additive synthesis.  Plus, you'll get a birds eye view of what wavetable IS and ISN"T good for - so that you don't waste any time reinventing the wheel.

That's followed by a break down of Wavetables features and components.  There are the staples - oscillators, filters and envelopes.  But, you'll also learn how the sub oscillator, LFO shaping and envelope looping works.

But, features aren't enough - you'll need a method for making cool sounds in Wavetable.  So, you'll get 3 sections, containing 28 video lessons explaining how EXACTLY to use the features of Wavetable to make sounds.  You'll learn how to think about sound design AND then see it done, step-by-step.

As the course concludes, you'll learn how the modulation matrix in Wavetable empowers you to make evolving, atmospheric sounds - one of the most interesting ways to use wavetable synthesis!

Find out what Wavetable can do - this course puts everything on display and makes it easier to learn.  By the end of the course, you'll feel at home with Ableton's Wavetable synthesizer and you'll be ready to design your own patches and make music!

Learn about this course and your instructor.Plus, learn where wavetable synthesis comes from and how it relates to other common synthesis platforms.
Introduction to the Course
Discover the range of topics that we'll cover in this course!
Hands On: Patch Design in Minutes!
Making awesome sounds is the main point of learning synthesis. So, lets see some of the things we can do with Wavetable.
Instructor Introduction
I have dedicated the last 2 decadestomusic, teaching and audioengineering. Let me further introduce myself and my unique background.
Wavetable History Lesson
From Depeche Mode to the Access Virus TI, it is very helpful to understand how wavetable synthesis came to be (and how it is used).
What is Wavetable Good/NOT Good For?
Discover that wavetable synthesis has unique sound design capabilities.
Is Wavetable Just Sampling?
Find out what a wavetable is and how wavetable is (and is not) related to sampling.
Wavetable vs. Subtractive Synthesis
Many people have experience with subtractive synthesis. So, let's talk about how wavetable uses similar features, but is capable of different timbres.
Wavetable vs. Additive Synthesis
Understanding how additive synthesisworks will help you make sense of wavetable's "unnatural" sound design capabilities.
Wavetable vs. FM Synthesis
AbletonWavetableis capable of FM synthesis because it has an oscillator effect that performs frequency modulation.Learn that this can be used to apply FM sound design principles within Wavetable.
Ableton Wavetable Overview
Get familiar with Wavetable's main features.
  • Learn the features of Ableton's Wavetable synthesizer and how to use them in sound design.
  • Students should own Ableton 10 with Wavetable (Suite)
Will Edwards
Will Edwards
Music Instructor at Udemy and Music Protest
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