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This is a quick Audacity Tutorial for beginners. In this tutorial you will learn about using Audacity for Audio Editing. This is a quick tutorial that will help you improve Audio for your YouTube videos or Podcasts.

Have you been struggling with Audio and you are unsure of how to make it better once you record it? Here is a short Audacity Tutorial that will help you improve your Audio Quality.

This Audacity software Tutorial will help you:

  • Learn how to use Audacity to create a high-quality podcast audio . You will quickly learn to edit your recorded audio to make it better using basic Audio Editing tools.
  • Improve Audio quality for YouTube / Vimeo or any other Marketing Videos you are making.
  • You can use the skills provided in this course to narrate and create your Audio book .
  • Learn to generally edit and improve any audio quick and fast.

The course is easy to follow along. Get up and running in not time. Join this course and get creating and editing audio within the next hour.

If you want to learn how to improve your Audio in less than an hour, go ahead and join this Udemy Audacity Tutorial.

Recording andDB
Increase the volume of your recorded Audio in this section.
Noise Reduction and Tempo
Remove white noise from your Audio and change the audio tempo
Editing the Audio
Learn how to use Audacity for Editing Audio, by cutting , pasting or adding sections
  • Know how to setup your Microphone on your Computer
  • Be willing to learn and Ask any Questions when stuck
  • Must be ready to follow along with all the examples
Что Вы изучите?
  • How to Improve your recorded Audio using Audacity
  • How to Quickly Use Audacity for Audio Editing
Ricky Wahowa
Ricky Wahowa
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I intend to part the knowledge I have, to you, one course at a time. I don’t intend to bombard you with a 60 Hour course that will bore you as soon as you get started. My goal is to incrementally improve your knowledge one course at a time.

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What will you learn from me?

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A Quick Audacity Audio Editing Tutorial - Audacity Tutorial