12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition

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Improve your own health, choose food and lifestyle patterns more wisely, and understand how your body interacts with food.
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The 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition course is designed for people who would like to take charge of their own health by learning more about their best food and lifestyle choices. 

So if you’re looking for another diet to blindly follow, please move along to the next item in your Google search list. If, however, you wish to learn a lot about nutrition, health and individuality, plus value self-empowerment so that you can make informed choices by the end of the course, come and join us….

Our book Wholesome Nutrition comes FREE with this course (except during periods when Udemy has discounted the course). If you are within metropolitan areas in South Africa, easily accessible by courier, you may receive a hard copy of the book. If you are outside of these areas, you will receive the e-book version.

Step 1 - Individuality
To appreciate that we are all wired differently and that ultimately you need to figure out for yourself (with a bit of help from this course) what food choices actually suit you best as an individual.
Main presentation: Individuality
This presentation looks at how modern nutrition (especially diet books) has a very polarised one-size-fits-all views and how this is limiting our individual health. We acknowledge that 'one man's food is another man's poison' and discuss strategies for personalising our food and lifestyle choices, especially through the positive expression of our genes.  
Guest presentation: Dr Daniel Meyersfeld, DNAlysis Biotechnology
Dr Daniel Meyersfeld, owner of DNAlysis Biotechnology educates us on some basic genetic science and demonstrates how by understanding our genes, we can take ownership of our own health with regards to our dietary and lifestyle choices for health and weight management. 
Expert interview: Dr Yael Joffe, Centre for Translational Genomics
Dr Yael Joffe from the Centre for Translational Genomics in Cape Town develops more into the discussion of nutrigenomics - the genetics behind our nutrition choices. She talks about her research into the genetics of obesity and shares her insights into future practices of health care. 
Recipe: Super green juice - Rachel Jesson
Green juice is incredibly nourishing to our body, especially our liver/detoxification health. In her video, Rachel shows you how to put a green juice together, that is not only good for you, but delicious too. 
Homework for Step 1: Fat-carb balance questionnaire
Within the subject of individuality, the amount of carbohydrates and fats that should ideally be in your diet is a completely you-specific entity. This assignment may not give you all the answers that you seek, but it should take you one step further in your dietary thinking.Part 1 - the food diaryWithout changing the way that you normally eat, start by filling in the attached food dairy for two days - please make use of the reflection column, noting your thoughts about your particular food choices, especially incorporating the learnings from the individuality lecture and guest speakers. Also please take note of how certain foods make you feel: your energy, your digestion, your mood etc.Part 2 - the questionnaireNow fill in the attached fat-carb balance questionnaire. For each of the 10 questions, tick the most representative choice available to you from option a), b) and c). Then add up the number of a), b) and c) responses to see which one is most representative of your personal response to food. InterpretationsThe interpretations from the questionnaire and a discussion of assignment learnings will come during the introduction video for Step 2. 
Main presentation: Beyond calories
This presentation challenges the calories in vs calories out equation as an explanation of weight management. We look at factors that affect the impact of calories and discuss ways to improve weight management, particularly managing stress levels for proper thyroid function, regulating female hormones and improving detoxification.
Guest presentation: John Herman, client who recovered from autoimmunity
John Herman shares his autoimmune journey with Hashimoto’s disease and shows us that we need to be open-minded and realise that mainstream medicine might not be the only path to follow in relation to our health.
  • You simply need to be enthusiastic towards learning more about wholesome nutrition and healthy food choices for you. A little prior nutrition or food knowledge is useful but not essential.
Ian Craig
Ian Craig
Nutritional Therapist and Exercise Physiologist
Rachel Jesson
Rachel Jesson
Health Food Specialist and Teacher
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