100+ Classic Rock Guitar Riffs for Beginners - with TABS

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100+ Classic Rock Guitar Riffs designed for Beginner-level Guitarists (0-2 years of experience)
Grow and further your guitar playing by exploring NEW Lead and Rhythm Techniques Essential for taking your guitar playing to the next level.
Develop a great "ear for music" and improve your timing, tempo, and rhythm.
Energize and excite your guitar playing in a FUN way with new challenges in an easy-to-learn setting.
Learn to play "Out of THE BOX" and get the most out of your guitar playing.
Take your guitar playing to the next level by learning the riffs created by legendary classic rock guitarists.
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This course is right for you IF:

  • You've just learned how to play the guitar through an online class and are unsure of where to go next.
  • Your guitar playing is getting stale and uninteresting to you - you are bored with your current playing
  • You want to learn and try something new
  • You are looking for a guitar challenge to take your playing to the next level!

This class will teach you 100+ of the best guitar riffs ever created from the 60's to the 90's - and, as a beginner, you can play them too! These songs are hot and the guitar tracks are even HOTTER! You are going to learn how to play the most famous parts of songs from your favorite bands.


Learning through guitar riffs is the "old-school" way of playing guitar and improving fast. This is how the guitaring legends learned. The awesome part about learning riffs is that you:

  • Learn components of guitar theory in an exciting way
  • Understand the guitar neck and learn how to use it more effectively
  • Stay excited and interested in playing since you are learning riffs that ROCK
  • Will push yourself to new guitaring heights and challenge your playing in a fun and simple way.
  • You can learn as much as you want or as little as you want- and push yourself as hard as you want - there is no pressure in this classroom.
  • I started playing guitar over 14 years ago and, like many of you, began taking lessons through an instructor. He was awesome and kept learning fun and interesting through amazing guitar riffs. He would teach me theory and then apply it through a riff that I was interested in - like Lynyrd Skynyrd songs for example. I would learn rockin' riffs like: Stairway to Heaven, Walk This Way, Sweet Home Alabama, and more. The best part - It was FUN and kept me engaged in the learning process!

    After a year and a half I began learning on my own and progressed rapidly through learning music that I enjoyed playing - Classic Rock, Southern Rock, and Blues. If I wanted to really improve fast and "get out on my own" as a guitarist, I had to learn in a way that wouldn't be exhausting or boring. What I discovered was that by learning guitar riffs from my favorite bands greatly accelerated my learning - so much so, that I was playing in a local band within the year! (with only 2 years of experience!) - I was a BEGINNER, playing in a rock and roll band!

    When you learn through riffs you also pick up a wealth of "unseen" learning - that is, you get good without even realizing it, and people start to notice!

    These riffs will also give you hidden benefits such as:

  • Learning new lead and rhythm techniques and expand your playing options as a guitarist
  • Improve your timing, tempo, and rhythm (essential for ANY guitarist who wants to play in a band)
  • Being able to adapt "on the fly" and improvise more effectively
  • Play out of "THE BOX" and never be stuck in it again
  • Develop a great ear for music
  • The benefits of this course are limitless to your guitar playing and, regardless of your skill level, I guarantee that in learning these amazing riffs you will learn the licks, tips, and tricks of the expert classic rock guitarists and make the most out of your guitar playing.

    I look forward to seeing you in class!

    Let's ROCK!

    Tom Saguto

    Introduction to the 100 Beginner Guitar Riffs Class!
    Designed for the rockin' beginner guitarist, learn over 80 of Classic Rock's greatest guitar riffs spanning from the 60s to the 90s.
    38 Special - Hold on Loosely
    Hold On Loosely
    ACDC - Back in Black
    Back in Black
    ACDC - Hell's Bells
    Hell's Bells
    ACDC - Highway to Hell
    Highway to Hell
    ACDC - Thunderstruck
    ACDC - You Shook Me All Night Long
    You Shook Me All Night Long
    Aerosmith - Walk This Way
    Walk This Way
    Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen
    Alice Cooper - School's Out
    School's Out
    • Have a beginner-level understanding of how to play the guitar. Must be able to play notes and chords smoothly together - while being able to transition between chords and notes.
    • Have prior beginner class experience or some basic level of guitar instruction is highly recommended.
    • Own a guitar
    • Having an understanding of how to read guitar tab is highly recommended, but not necessary.
    Thomas Saguto
    Thomas Saguto
    PGA Golf Instructor and Professional Guitarist
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