10 Product Creation Hacks That Work In 2020

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10 Product Creation Hacks That Work In 2020
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10 Product Creation Hacks That Work In 2020
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10 proven & tested hacks that helped us attract more than 170,000 students on Udemy
How to find a hot topic for your next course
How to project whether the demand for your topic is shrinking or rapidly growing
How to outperform bestselling products and spot weaknesses in the products of your competitors
The only right way to structure your course
Why you must combat buyer’s remorse
How to become a passionate teacher that students can relate to
How to write high quality video scripts
The No. 1 resource to increase the perceived value of your course
Why you must be authentic to sustain an online teaching career
… and much more!
О курсе

Here’s a question we get asked very often: 

“Sandor and Patrick, how did you manage to attract more than 350,000 unique students on Udemy, which resulted in more than 1,000,000 course enrollments?”         

We had to answer this question over and over again   

Eventually, we got tired and decided to create a course that provides an answer.   

So here it is: you are about to discover proven & tested product creation hacks that will take your course to the next level.   

Discover Proven & Tested Product Creation Tricks From Udemy Top Instructors With More Than 350,000 Students:     

  • Step-By-Step System To Find Hot Product Topics
  • How To Legally Spy On Your Competitors
  • Proven Strategies To Create A Bestselling Product

Contents & Overview 

In this course, I’ll walk you through 10 proven & tested strategies to create a high quality online course in no time.

First, we’ll cover how to find hot product topics in any niche market. In this context, it’s crucial to check the long-term profit potential of your course to make sure your time and effort will pay off. We’ll use a 100% free tool and perform a little market analysis.   

Next, I’ll show you how to spot weaknesses in the content of your competitors, which will allow you to outperform virtually every product. You’ll also learn the only correct way to structure your product and meet the expectations of your clients.       

Moreover, you’ll discover a little known phenomenon called “buyer’s remorse” and why you must combat it in the first video of your course.         

You will also find lectures on writing high quality video scripts, how to sound more passionate and sneaky techniques to increase the perceived value of your training instantly.   

Last but not least, we’ll cover the most important hack: how to become an instructor that students feel emotionally connected with.   

By the time you complete this course, you’ll discover shortcut strategies to create the next bestselling training on Udemy!   

Take this class today!

Meet & Greet
Welcome to our brand new course! In this training, you’ll discover 10 proven and tested product creation hacks that work in 2016. We’ll share with you the best tips and tricks we have discovered from co-creating 65 courses on Udemy and attracting more than 70,000 students!
Hack #1 - How To Find A Hot Topic For Your Next Course
In this lesson, you’ll discover my step-by-step system to find hot course topics with just a few clicks. You’ll be surprised how easy and accurate this method is!
Hack #2 - Why You Should Harness The Power Of Google Trends
With Google Trends, you can project whether the demand for your topic is shrinking or rapidly growing. To make sure the time and effort you invest into creating your course pays off, it’s absolutely imperative to check the long-term potential of your course!
Hack #3 - How To Legally Spy On Your Competitors
Creating an online course that sells is easy. All you have to do is outperforming the bestselling products in your market. Here’s the exact formula I use to spot weaknesses in the products of my competition.
Hack #4 - The ONLY Correct Way To Structure Your Product
Your customers care about one thing only: getting their problem solved. They buy your course because they seek a solution to their problem. Here’s how to structure an online course that is in line with their expectations.
Hack #5 - Do You Combat Buyer’s Remorse?
99% of course creators don’t combat a phenomenon called “buyer’s remorse”. In this lesson, you’ll discover what buyer’s remorse is and what to do about it.
Hack #6 - How To Use The Power Of A Smile
Students love passionate and excited instructors. In this video, you’ll discover an easy trick to become a teacher your students can relate to.
Hack #7 - How To Write A Video Script
Most video scripts are horrible and have a negative impact on the value of a course. In this video, you’ll discover the only correct way to sound natural and authentic, even if your entire course is scripted.
Hack #8 - Video Post Production
Next, we’ll send your course through a little post production. Here’s how it works!
Hack #9 - Easy Way To Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Course
In this lesson, you’ll discover my favorite resource to increase the perceived value of your online course for a few bucks only.
Hack #10 - Why You Must Be Authentic
If you want your students to fall in love with you and your course, you have to be yourself. Here’s why!
  • Following the step-by-step instructions of this training
  • Being determined to create a high quality training that sells
Sandor Kiss
Sandor Kiss
Teaching 500,000+ Students, Performance Marketer
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