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Trade one hour of websurfing for an hour of English practice and in just six months you will be able to speak at a B2 level, travel and even go to a job interview in your dream company. Study grammar, phonetics, syntax and English cultural norms. Find your way out of the tenses maze and expand your vocabulary. This is easy. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, Konevy and an hour of your time invested in your future.
871 Result
871 Result

How to find the appropriate English online course

In the 21st century more and more people choose the online format when it comes to learning / training programs. This is an excellent way to improve your knowledge in certain domains, to specialize or develop practical skills in a specific area.
There is no secret that if you want a good job, no matter the field of work, speaking English is a must. In the past it might have been difficult to balance active work life and studies, or enrol in a workgroup at the end of your work day. Nowadays, you can simply sign up for an online English class and have a student experience while keeping your job.
Many companies propose to their employees to work on their pronunciation, improve their grammar and writing skills or their level of conversational English. In order to achieve these goals, you can choose the comfort of an online training course for beginners, intermediate or advanced level students. You will be using your newly acquired language competencies almost immediately and worldwide as there is no doubt that English is the language preferred for communication in an increasingly connected world.

So as to facilitate the search process for you, we have come up with an online course aggregator. Konevy will show you only the best fit for you in a matter of seconds. Just set up the filters (course level, price, length, work load), and we will do the rest. With a simple web search, you will get a lot of unnecessary information that will only increase the time spent on searching, instead of actual learning. If you value your time, use Konevy.

The benefits of online English courses:

• affordable cost;
• both theoretical lessons and practical exercises;
• multiple choice as to course pace or subject that needs improving;
• course attendance no matter where you are (home, on a business trip, in a coffee-shop).

Finding the best English online courses

Your success in mastering a foreign language depends on the programme you choose as well as what you are willing to invest in terms of time, money, etc. Nowadays it is quite easy to learn English from zero, to improve your grammar and speaking without going to extreme lengths to achieve it. Just use the filters in order to receive the results that best fit your learning needs. Perfect your knowledge easily and in a fun way by using our services. We only show you the courses that match your request.

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