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Find the best online foreign language course with the help of for systemic foreign language learning, pronunciation, conversation, etc. Learn from native speakers and the best teachers worldwide. In just a few clicks, you can choose a certified course, one for children, for beginners, for advanced students.
2082 Results
2082 Results

Foreign languages are an asset for any specialist, no matter their field of work. English is a must in the business sphere, but there are other languages like Chinese, Spanish and Hindi for which there is a growing demand. Knowing a foreign language, or several, is definitely an asset that will land you a better job with a higher pay and in a pleasant working environment. 

The language is the key to another culture, another way of living and doing business.

According to researchers in this area, people who study foreign languages later in their lives, live longer and keep their mental faculties in good shape even in advanced age. 

What courses can you find in the category “Language Learning”?  

You can find courses on all aspects related to linguistics – start with phonetics and work your way into idioms. You can master any foreign language by taking online classes, from English and German training programs, to body language courses, Tamil, Esperanto and even the Moroccan dialect of Arabic. 

When it comes to online courses, the question is how to choose the best fit for you?

In the subcategories we have highlighted online courses for the study of the most popular languages. However, if you wish to study a rare language, just type it in Konevy search bar and browse through the results. It might be a good idea to write your request in English to get a better result. 

When making your choice consider the following:

  • Start level

There are a wide range of beginner courses available. So, what will it be: Japanese hieroglyphs or French diphthongs? However, for the “connoisseurs” that want to dive deeper, why not take a course in writing professional emails in German or drop your Russian accent when speaking in English. For these courses you need to have at least basic language knowledge.

  • Course subject

If you want to use Italian language in cross-cultural communication with Italian suppliers, then spend a maximum of 10 minutes searching on this topic and you will definitely find what you are looking for. 

  • Course duration

Are you ready for an intensive course in order to pass from A2 to B1 level in only 7 days? It is up to you. Make sure you know all these details before paying for the course.

  • Price

No matter your budget, you are sure to find online courses to match it. 

No budget at all? Choose one of the numerous free-of-charge training programs. In order to do that, just use the filter and check “free”. 

Why Konevy?

Konevy is a course aggregator that gathers information about available courses from different educational platforms. This allows you, the user, to browse through a wide offer of available online classes and choose the one that fits your needs in terms of complexity level, length, price, expected result and certification. We are constantly improving our algorithm in order to provide you with the best service possible.

Once you made your choice about the course you want to enrol in, the rest is up to you. Learning a foreign language and keeping it at a high level, demands a lot of work and constant practice.

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