Game design

Be the one that writes the rules to the game. Game designers are the ones who decide what colours will be used for the characters’ clothes, how heroes come into being and how they die or where the game will take you. You can learn all this by signing up to online courses and master-classes. Acquire the basics of game design through courses taught by the best teachers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Learn how to construct the strategy, tactics and game mechanics. Find a programme on developing design documents and technical assignments for your team of developers. You can also study the practical part of design, like 3D rendering, modelling and character animation in Photoshop, Maya and Game Maker Studio. A success story begins with a single step – take that step now.
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Game design
Pixel art for Video games

Imagine how cool your game would look in pixel art! Stop imagining! ==== UPDATED 26th of December==== *NEW SECTION...

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