Windows 10 Security Features

Windows 10 Security Features
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Windows 10 Security Features
What will you learn?
The current nature of the security threat landscape
The new security architecture and features of Windows 10 that mitigatethreats
Insights into the security services bundled with Windows 10 latest edition
Knowledge of the supporting security external infrastructure
The new security baseline configurable using Group Policy Objects (GPO)
About the course

Looking to stay ahead of the security curve? As you get to know the new security architecture and features of Windows 10and learn to deploy themgain the insights and knowledge you'll need for the future.

Microsoft security engineers have hardened the operating system at every layer of the stack, reducing the attack surface with new security features that help protect against a range of threats. Join a team of experts to explore the ever-increasing levels of security within Windows 10.

You'll start with the Windows 10 defensive stack, including bundled security features.

Configure endpoint security, review additional security tools, like Windows Information Protection and Windows Defender Exploit Guard. In this course, you'll get practical details on built-in, end-to-end protections and support for the larger ecosystem of ISV and OEM partners.

Skill up to face down today's security threats with hands-on virtualized lab exercises, demos, quizzes, and a final exam. The following team of recognized experts contributed to this course: Andrew Warren, Lesley Kipling, Erdal Ozkaya, Neil Carpenter, Sami Laiho, Raymond Comvalius, Seth Moore, Michiko Short, Mike Terrill, Amitai Rottem, Randy Treit.

Note: These courses will retire in June. Please enroll only if you are able to finish your coursework in time.

Windows 10 Security Features
Dive into the new security architecture and features of Windows 10, and learn how to enable them, as you explore today’s security threat landscape
Philip E. Helsel
Philip E. Helsel
Senior Content Developer, Learning eXperiences Team Microsoft
Kimberly Rasmusson-Anderson
Kimberly Rasmusson-Anderson
Senior Content Developer, Learning eXperiences Team Microsoft
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