Understanding Unconscious Bias

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Understanding Unconscious Bias
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Understanding Unconscious Bias
What will you learn?
Understand why humans are biased and are naturally built to stereotype
Appreciate the relationship between bias and stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
Assess the impact of bias on their decision-making, behaviour and relationships
Identify their own biases and take action to compensate for them
Understand what can be done by employers to tackle bias at an organisational level
About the course

Getting to grips with our unconscious bias is a critical step in creating a fair and inclusive workplace. Produced in partnership with leading UK business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, this course looks at why bias develops, its impact on the workplace and what we can do to tackle it at both an individual and organisational level.

No matter how open-minded we might like to think we are, we are all inherently biased. These biases develop over the course of our lives as a result of the influences of our friends and family, our personal experiences, our cultural background and external influences such as the media. While we may be largely unaware of them, they can exert a powerful influence on how we interact with those around us and the decisions that we make about people and situations.

This course combines original drama and expert analysis to provide psychological insights into how our own behaviour might be affected by bias and looks at what we can do to reduce or eliminate its influence on our working relationships and the decisions that we make. Suitable for teams of all types, the course has been designed to help people at all levels including operational managers and staff, HR managers and trainers and senior executives and business leaders.  
This course will give a better understanding of: 

- Why humans are biased
- The relationship between bias, prejudice and discrimination
- How unconscious bias can impact on the workplace and on working relationships
- What we can do to reduce or eliminate bias from our decision-making process
- How to identify and address bias in specific situations, such as recruitment.

Welcome and introduction to this course and your trainers
Understand the importance of tackling bias in the workplace.
Welcome and introduction
An introduction to the subject ofunconscious bias and the experts who will be guiding you through the course.
What bias is and why it matters
Understand what bias is, why it develops and how it can impact on our relationships and decision-making.
An introduction to unconscious bias
This lecture looks at what unconscious bias is andwhy it develops.
What do you see?
This lecture looks at a number of illusions and shows how ourbrains are hard-wired to take shortcuts based on what we 'think' we know.
Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
This lecture looks at the role thatbias plays in the development of stereotypes andexamines the relationship between stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.
Types of bias
Identify certain common types of bias and understand how gender bias can impact on the recruitment process.
Types of bias
This lecture looks at some common types of bias and how they can impact on our relationships and decision-making.
Gender bias in recruitment - drama scenario
This lecture examines how gender bias can impact on the recruitment process and the negative consequences that biased recruitment decisions can have for an organisation.
Drama scenario analysis and alternative approach
In this lecture we analyse the scenario depicting gender bias in recruitment andconsideran alternative approach.
Unconscious bias at work
Understand how bias can have a negative effect on key workplace processes and relationships and how to tackle it.
Unconscious bias at work
This lecture looks at the impact that bias can have in the workplace on key processes such as recruitment and performance assessment and explains how bias can often manifest itself in small 'micro-behaviours'.
  • The course does not require learners to have any specific software, just basic computer-operating skills.
  • No special materials or prior knowledge necessary - everything is provided.
Skill Boosters
Skill Boosters
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Pearn Kandola LLP
Pearn Kandola LLP
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