Understanding IELTS Exam: The Basics

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What will you learn?
This course is designed to help you:
Pass your IELTS exam with the score of 6.0-7.5 or above
Learn the Basics of IELTS Exam Structure
Improve Test Taking Skills
About the course

Welcome to Examizy!


  • You don't know where to start with your IELTS preparation, and you feel the urge to move forward
  • You don't have time to prepare for the test continuously as you have limited time for preparation
  • You fear the exam and want to learn more before proceeding with practice tests
  • Then, joining this course is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

    Stop wasting time on numerous research to find out what IELTS is and how to prepare for it! 

    According to British Council, IELTS is the only English language test accepted for immigration purposes by all countries that require one. 

    The IELTS
    test is designed to help you use English in your new life abroad. In
    less than three hours, it will assess all of your English skills:
    listening, reading, writing and speaking. The world says YES to IELTS! Andit's your time now to say YES to the WORLD!

    Enroll now. It's FREE!

    IELTS helps for immigration, job search, education abroad. Take your
    chance and get the overview of what is IELTS and some TOP TIPS shared by
    our tutor - Ms. Susan Jones.

    See you on the other side!

    Understanding the IELTS
    Welcome On Board!
    First Message - IMPORTANT
    What You'll Study Today
    IELTS Overview: Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking
    The IELTS Assessment
    Outside the Classroom: Top Tips
    Topic For You On Global Issues
    IELTS Quiz: Global Issues
    In Conclusion: The IELTS Routine
    Help us to HELP YOU
    So, What's Next?
    • No previous experience required
    • Language level: intermediate and above
    Examizy Media
    Examizy Media
    'so Exams can be Easy!'
    Udemy courses are suited to professional development. The platform is organized in such a way that it is experts themselves that decide the topic and when the course will start. All supporting documents are made available to you for lifetime access. On this platform, you can find a course on about any subject, and that is no exaggeration – from a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle, to managing the financial markets. The language and the course format are established by the teacher. This is why it is important to read the information about the course carefully before parting with any money.
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