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Updated for latest CodeSignal  Version of the Test

Added two more CSV files from latest test attempt  


NOW with 3 CSVs and 20 additional questions and answers for Version 3.1 of the test 

The Uber Analytics Test is the second test in the entire interview for General Manager, Associate General Manager, Operations and Logistics Manager and Marketing Manager positions at Uber.

If you pass the recruiter screen, the next step is to do this 2 hour timed online analytics test.

As part of this course, we will walk you step by step on how to ace this exam through a bunch of course materials and video content.

Course Outline

  • Test Details – Here we will cover what to expect on the test.
  • Preparation Plan – We will walk through a detailed preparation plan on how you should study for the test. 
  • Theory - Here we’ll go through theory around Uber’s business model, pricing strategy, metrics etc.
  • Quantitative Questions – First CSV - On the test you will be presented with 2 CSVs. Questions are based on them and we’ll cover both a number of questions and answers in this section.
  • Quantitative Questions – Second CSV - We’ll go through questions and answers based on the second file in this section.
  • General Multiple Choice Questions - We’ll then look at general questions aimed at your knowledge of Uber’s business as a whole.
  • Short Answers – We’ll cover short answers that you’ll be expected to write.
  • Long Answers - We’ll cover long answers that you’ll be expected to write.
  • Additional Questions and Answers - 10 additional questions and answers from Version 3.1 of the test and for extra practice.
  • Version 3.1 of the Test – We’ll discuss a new CSV that you’ll get on the test and questions and answers regarding the same. 
  • Conclusion - We’ll finally conclude the course in this section with some last minute tips.
  • What You'll Get

  • 300 page detailed presentation that walks you step by step  on what needs to be done.
  • 2 downloadable CSVs and Excel files that you will get on the exam.
  • 1 downloadable CSV for Version 3.1 of the test.
  • 1 hour of video that walks you through everything.
  • 24/7 support on the actual test.
  • Free Uber Analytics Test eBook 
  • Course Details

    • Review the different Uber positions covered in this video, including: Operations and Logistics, Marketing Manager, General Manager, Associate General Manger, Marketing Manager
    • Discuss Surge Pricing - an extremely important concept on the exam. 
    • Discuss Uber metrics and terms, including:

      • Completed Trips
      • Demand
      • Dispatch
      • Driver
      • Driver Supply
      • ETA
      • Eyeballs
      • Fare
      • Idle Time
      • Peak Hours
      • Requests
      • Rider
      • Surge Pricing
      • Working Shifts
      • Zeros
    • Covers many many multiple choice questions found in the Uber Excel analytics test, including:

      • Between the 1st and the 5th of February, which date has the most completed trips?
      • What hour of the day had the most completed trips on February 11th?
      • What hour of the day from the 15 day period in February had the least number of requests?
      • What is the percentage of all of the eyeballs that occurred on Fridays?
      • What is the weighted average of requests per driver for the 15 day data set?
      • Drivers' schedules are drafted in 4 hour shifts, and Uber wants to change this to 8 hour shifts. Calculate which shift has the highest request for the 15 day data set.
      • When the number of unique drivers increases so does the number of eyeballs?
      • On which day is the ratio the highest for the number of completed trips to requests?
      • If you had 10 drivers to add to one hour throughout the 15 day data set, which hour would you add them to?
      • How many hours of data are in this data set?
      • Use the data to determine when the best end-of-day is for drivers.
    • Sample of short and long answer questions and an approach to answer them: 

      • What is surge-pricing is and the main reasons behind why it's a good choice for Uber.
      • Convince a non Uber driver to switch to become an Uber driver.
      • Write a letter aimed at Uber drivers to encourage them to accept more requests.
    • 10 additional practice problems, including:

      • What is the probability of an Uber driver accepting your request?
      • How many years will it take for UberBlack drivers to outnumber UberX drivers?
      • What will be the change in Uber revenue after a fare increase?
      • If Uber starts a promo, what is the maximum amount of fare reduction before loss of revenue?
      • What is the maximum number of possible Uber candidates, given Uber’s eligible driver policy?
      • What is the minimum number of possible Uber candidates, given Uber’s eligible driver policy?
      • What is the probability of a Uber passenger getting to choose their seat first?
      • Would an UberBlack vehicle beat Usain Bolt at the 100 meter sprint?
      • What is the individual bill of an Uber trip split proportionally by trip distance?
      • How many license plates in New York do not have any repeating numbers?
    • 10 additional questions covering Version 3.1 of the test

    We will learn the entire course outline and what you will expect from the course.
    We'll talk about the course outline here.
    Materials with the Course
    Here we will see what materials are available with this class. 
    Section 1 - Test Details
    We will understand the structure of the test and what will be expected out of you. We will go through the overall format and tips to complete on time.
    Test Details - Test Overview and Format of the Test
    We'll walk through an overview of the test in this video.
    Versions of the Test
    We will discuss the different versions of the test that are being offered. 
    Section 2 - Preparation Plan
    In this section, we will walk through how to create a preparation plan to preparing for the test.
    Test Details - Preparation Plan
    We'll talk about a few tips on managing your time on the exam and also a preparation plan to studying. 
    Section 3 - Theory
    We will understand the theory around Uber's business, its metrics and a lot more.
    Theory - Understanding an On demand economy
    The first step to understanding Uber is to understand an "On Demand Economy".
    Theory - Uber's Business Model
    We'll walk through Uber's business model in this video.
    Leaked Uber Metrics Document
    We will see Uber's leaked metrics document in this lecture so that you get an idea of what to expect on the test. 
    • Know how to use excel
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