Python for Network Engineers: Netmiko, NAPALM, pyntc, Telnet

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Python for Network Engineers: Netmiko, NAPALM, pyntc, Telnet
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14 hours course
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Python for Network Engineers: Netmiko, NAPALM, pyntc, Telnet
What will you learn?
Learn network programmability with GNS3 and Python
Learn how to automate the configuration of network devices with Python
Learn how to leverage NAPALM for network automation
Learn how to use pyntc for easy network programmability
Use Netmiko for SSH connections to routers and switches
Quick start guide using Telnet and SSH - get started in 20 minutes!
About the course

Learn Network Programmability and Network Automation using GNS3 and Python.

Want to program networks using Python, but not sure where to start? Well, this course will show you how you can start programming Cisco networks within 20 minutes.

This course was created for network engineers. There are too many other Python courses out there that try to make network engineers software developers. Instead of teaching network automation, they teach you Python theory. This course is different. 

This course is practical. I won't talk about programming in abstract terms and make you wait before you can start automating networks. I will show you how you can quickly and easily start network programming by using GNS3, Cisco IOS and Python.

You will see demonstrations of the configuration of both Cisco routers and switches in GNS3. For example, how to configure multiple VLANs on a multiple switches, or how to configure OSPF on a router and more.

This course shows you practical examples of using Python to programmatically configure Cisco network devices rather then just talking about it.

The days of configuring Cisco networks only with the command line interface (CLI) are drawing to a close. You need to add network programmability using Python and APIs to your skill set.

Learn how to automate networks using:

- Telnet


- Paramiko




Tools such as NAPALM and pyntc make it easy to configure and interact with network devices using an API such as NETCONF or using SSH. Don't reinvent the wheel. Use the tools available to you to quickly and easily automate your networks.

Some comments about the course:

"Knowing the material from just the first video would have saved me hours of work and rework in the past." 

"It's the easiest, most fun, and most valuable course I've completed yet on Python Programming for Networking. Love it! Thanks again David!!!" 

"Excellent course on Network Programming using Python with lot's of practical network configuration examples."

"Great way of explanation.Nice video and inspiring words! Thank you so much David. You are genius."

"I've been doing network automation for a while, even so, I've learned new things through this course. The instructor start from a basic example, adding improvements in each step. It's a skill that's worth it."

"A must for all network engineers who want to learn python!!! I had very "very" basic programming skills, and couldn't just get the bridge between network and programming (mainly Python - since that's where the hype is now), this course was amazing, I have never been glued to a training course since I can remember. The couple of things I loved the most about this course: 1- David's clear voice. 2- Real world application, not only will David interduce different real-world practical modules that you can import and use, but he shows you how to apply them on ios devices."

"Excellent course on Network Programming using Python with lot's of practical network configuration examples. High quality content."

Good news!
Quick Start Guide to Network Automation
GNS3 Installation and Setup
Quick Start 1: Python and Telnet: Configure Cisco Router
NOTE: If you have problems getting GNS3 to work, please have a look at the installation videos at the end of the course.
Quick Start 2: Python and Telnet: Configure Switch VLANs
Quick Start 3: Remove Passwords and improve scripts (Telnet)
Quick Start 4: Create switch VLANs using loops (Telnet)
Quick Start 5: Multiple switches, multiple VLANs (Telnet)
Quick Start 6: In-band management network
Quick start 7: PEP Style Guide
  • Basic Networking Knowledge (CCNA Level)
  • Basic understanding of GNS3
David Bombal
David Bombal
CCIE #11023, over 15 years of network training experience
Experts with David Bombal
Experts with David Bombal
Experts helping you become an expert.
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