Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - STUDIO BASICS

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What will you learn?
Understand sound studio, materials and technique basics needed to create realistic watercolour and botanical paintings
Learn about materials so you understand what to purchase... don't waste money on the wrong things!
Learn how to improve your environment, approaches and results of your own work
Build practical strategy towards successful outcomes
Feel confidence in yourself by getting the right information
Prepare yourself for my subsequent 'hands on, step by step' tutorials
About the course

This is a foundation watercolour course from a highly experienced, competent artist and tutor. This tutorial is jam packed with wonderful hints, tips, and insights on everything from studio environments, to materials, to important work practices. The course finishes with 2 levels of exercises, specifically designed to familiarise you with the most common water-colour techniques needed for realistic watercolors and botanicals. This comprehensive guide will definitely get you off on the right foot and to keep you going and growing! With well over 3 hours of knowledge rich content on how to get started in this medium, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain quality insights into the beautiful world of water-colour painting, and launch you onto your own painting path successfully. 

Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - Studio Basics
Australian born, Heidi Willis is an entirely self-taught Natural History watercolour artist. Her work intricately illustrates our native and exotic plants, flowers, fruits and seed capsules, whilst her powerful & distinctive portraits of our spectacular bird life offers viewers an insight into the world as she experiences it. Heidi quickly established herself as one of Australia’s emerging artistic talents, and her reputation as a leading natural history, wildlife and botanical artist is now well established. Her meticulous and intricate studies of botany and birds can be found in significant public and private collections around the world.Heidi’s work has featured in prominent national and international exhibitions, collections and publications over her career, and she is also a freelance illustrator for Australian Geographic Magazine. Other highlights include The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize six times to date (South Australian Natural History Museum) Focus On Nature (New York State Museum) Botanica and The Margaret Flockton Award (Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney) Her work is held in the permanent collections such as the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (PA, USA) and the highly regarded The Shirley Sherwood Collection. Her work has also been featured in several publications, most significantly Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Craft Arts Magazine, Colophon, SA Life, International Artist Magazine, Artist's Palette Magazine and Australian Geographic Magazine multiple times over, with her work featured on the front cover of Artist’s Palette Issue 123. With her work now in such demand and her watercolour masterclasses booked out over a year in advance, she has turned her focus to online teaching in order to answer the many painting questions she is asked daily, and to reach and help more people pursue and achieve their own watercolour goals. As requested, the first tutorial to be released is 'Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - Studio Basics' This tutorial endeavours to address many of your watercolour questions, and it is the starting point for further painting and learning with Heidi. 

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Course Introduction ~ Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals ~ Studio Basics
Love realistic watercolor painting, but you’re in need of some sound, experienced advice on how to achieve this for yourself? Do you look at botanical art and think ‘I wish I could create this too!’ or perhaps ‘I could never do that!’ Well it IS possible, especially if you are put on the right track to begin with. To learn you simply need a desire. Finding the right tutor can be critical in helping you get on the right track, right from the start. I know sometimes thats not so easy to find, but if you are seeking some genuinely knowledgeable instruction from a renowned tutor with a proven track record in painting and teaching to improve your watercolor painting skills, perhaps this is just the chance for you!The focus of this tutorial is to help you understand the grass roots basics of realistic watercolour painting, and to prepare you for my subsequent painting tutorials. This course will help you get started with the right materials, workspace, headspace, advice, techniques and information to start building from. We address some of the more common studio challenges and questions students tend to struggle with, and I share many practical approaches and strategies that will help you understand, improve or establish successful outcomes for your own painting,... It is a total start to end watercolour painting process overview. No matter what stage you are at I believe this knowledge will benefit your development greatly. With very little commitment or risk on your part, this predominantly informative tutorial offers you a rare and fantastic introductory overview into this new world of painting and how it can apply to you... all at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.‘How do I even start’ you ask? Well you’ve already found the answer... THIS is where we begin! all you have to do is LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!
Workspace and Materials
In this section we cover the basics of the materials I use and the reasons why, as well as considering our broader studio environment more closely.
Brushes are a common point of failure for many people starting out, and most don't even realise this is part of their struggle! What to use? What not to use! What to buy? How to get the best out of the brushes you have... Take a few moments to learn about my brushes and hear my recommendations on what to use for realistic watercolour painting. It will make a BIG difference to your work and enjoyment.
Paper is something Im asked about so often... It really can be a never ending discussion, and an overwhelming prospect for many starting out to consider. In this lecture I discuss my own preferences quite simply, and although its a bit like choosing a best friend for another, I point out many things youll need/want to consider when choosing paper for yourself. 
Water Jar
The Humble Water Jar...? Perhaps! But it is actually quite important, so lets take a quick look at this topic and make sure yours is going to serve you well. Its the little things, remember?
Something as Simple as... a Tissue!
Tissues...? So essential, but so easily overlooked... lets change that shall we!  
Masking Fluid
This lecture takes a look at the important role of masking fluid in the water-colour painting process. Although it doesn't feature highly in my own work, it is important to understand its purpose, potential and use. Used correctly, it is a wonderful material, so we need take a better look at this medium here 
Lets take a look at your workspace
One of the biggest struggles students battle with - is their workspace or work environment. It seems such a simple thing to consider, but so often it is an unwittingly, scrambling mess that unnecessarily bamboozles and clutters students from the start. The good thing is it is very avoidable! This is an critical aspect of having a healthy workflow and an enjoyable painting experience.  In this topic we explore our workspace a little deeper. 
Choosing a Palette
Our selection of palette is critical. Beyond the palette itself, understanding the physical layout and establishing an intimate knowledge of our palette becomes as important to our workflow and process, as perhaps our fingers themselves. Using our palette is a certain kind of art form in itself so its extremely important to know what to look for. 
Lets Look At Paint
What could be more important than our paint?! In this lecture we take a closer look at paint, paint quality, characteristics, troubleshooting, colour families, paint selection... and what to buy and why. We experience a lot of problems, frustration and wasted money when we don't get our paint selection right. Getting it right is essential, so this lecture aims to help you make a better informed selection
  • You don't need to do a thing! This is the FIRST STEP. This course will help you know where to start if you are a beginner, what you can improve if you're already away, or for those seeking to find 'their thing'... to simply decide IF watercolor is for you. This is a predominantly informative tutorial, however you can practice some of the demonstrations I explain in this content for yourself. This is all about getting the RIGHT processes and materials, so watch this BEFORE you buy anything... then play all you like!
Heidi Willis
Heidi Willis
Renowned Watercolor Artist and Art Tutor
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