Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals vol. I & II

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Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals vol. I & II
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20 hours course
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Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals vol. I & II
What will you learn?
Over 90 lectures and 20 hours of content
Prepare your enviornment
Introducing Database Program Units
Creating and Maintaining Packages
Using System-Supplied Packages
Creating and Maintaining Database Triggers
Implementing System Event Triggers
Work with Oracle database tools
Understand and work work language features
Understand and use nested blocks
Use explicit cursors
About the course

In this Oracle 11g PL/SQL Bundle you will receive introduction training on PL/SQL database programming language covering syntax, structure and features of the language within the context of database applications and programming. In volume II students will dive into topics such as understanding the basic form and structure of program units stored within the database, building and maintaining stored procedures, functions, packaged programs, and database triggers. Additional topics include taking advantage of advanced programming techniques such as cursor variables and cursor expressions. This Oracle 11g course will prepare students for the Oracle certification exams (OCP).

Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals I
The instructor has provided additional resources and example files for you to use.If you would like to access these, please download the attached .zip file, which contains the files shown in this course.
Course Setup
Selecting the Appropriate Database Tool
Understanding PL/SQL
PL/SQL Blocks
Working with SQL Plus
DECLARE Clause Objects
PL/SQL Available Data Types
Declaring Simple Data Types and Assignments
Declaring Complex Data Types and Assignments
Declaring Complex RowTypes and Assignments
  • Familiarity with database and programming principles
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Intellezy Trainers
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