Mindfulness Certificate Course (Level I, II, III and Master)

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$ 129.99
What will you learn?
Learn useful mindfulness-based principles and use them with clients, in your private life, your profession or relationships right away.
Heighten your aptitude to listen, ask reflective questions and become significantly more observant when interacting with other people.
Make peace with your inner vocabulary and develop your ability to communicate with others more articulately and authentically.
Learn to become more reliant on factors within your control to improve your mental health and day-to-day emotional wellbeing.
Enhance your self-awareness, your capability to self-regulate, then, in turn, your social consciousness and overall social effectiveness.
Understand appropriate historical context, origins of scriptural wisdom and ethics surrounding the effective use of mindfulness in everyday life.
Learn how the mind works, it's various components, and how to best train these components to further personal effectiveness and growth.
Learn how to become more contemplative in your current world-views, including your values, attitude, priorities and also in your perception.
How to assist others to understand and modify the unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thought that often associate with undesired life results.
Understand the primary motivations and assumptions that underpin most patterns of habitual behaviour (both fruitful and toxic patterns).
PLUS: Access the excellent Facebook support community, 'Principles Into Practice' to connect with fellow peers, compare notes and ask questions.
This is an Academy of Modern Applied Psychology certified training, you can obtain your certificate of achievement on completing the final lecture.
About the course

Mindfulness is a time-proven education that enables intense personal growth and improvement. Studying Mindfulness enables its learners to cultivate positive mental health and make wise decisions during times of pressure, crisis or stress.

The present moment is where your entire reality is conceived, and this comprehensive Mindfulness Certificate Course (Level I, II, III & Master) will equip you with a broad toolkit of essential principles and useful tools for establishing an effective mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness is a particularly compelling field of study that equips its students to develop a growth-orientated mindset which is rooted in conscious self-awareness and self-control. This Mindfulness Certification course provides a useful structure for growing in self-awareness, self-discipline, social-awareness and social effectiveness.

You'll explore the three fundamental concepts of Mindfulness; awareness (both internal and external), non-judgement (of others and ourselves), and living life in the present moment (including how to quiet unhelpful thoughts and make peace past adverse experiences). You'll also receive access to activities that will help you practice these.

Many people study Mindfulness in response to feelings of stress, anxiety and tension. This Mindfulness Certificate Course will highlight how easy it is for people to yield to emotional pressures without the firm base of self-awareness that grows from learning Mindfulness.

Becoming self-aware also helps people to make wise career and business decisions. It's important to know what you want from a career, what gives you the most fulfilment and the type of work environments you will thrive in the most. In short, Mindfulness provides a robust foundation of all personal growth and professional effectiveness.

Studying Mindfulness and learning to apply it is amongst the most valuable investments a person can make into their personal growth. This Mindfulness Certificate Course will guide you step-by-step in how to make Mindfulness a 'way of life' so you can receive the benefits that come from maintaining a thoughtful and unbiased perspective.

Qu) What will you learn in the Mindfulness Certificate Course?

Throughout this Mindfulness Certificate training course, you will discover;

  • What Mindfulness is, how it works, and a variety of ways to practise it.
  • How Mindfulness leads to mature self-awareness and self-discipline.
  • How to develop a whole, fully-present and influential personal presence.
  • Why Mindfulness is a powerful discipline for positively motivating people.
  • Benefits of Mindfulness; including growing resilience and improving focus.
  • How applying Mindfulness can improve mental health & general wellness.
  • How to connect with people in an authentic, genuine and congruent way.
  • How to apply Mindfulness daily and benefit from a positive outlook on life.
  • The best ways to share what you learn in this course with other people.
  • And much, much more.

The main advantage of this course is that it is tailored to suit everyone. Kain Ramsay, your instructor, teaches Mindfulness in a sincere and lighthearted manner from the perspective of Modern Applied Psychology. This unique approach makes a robust case for applying Mindfulness amid chaotic western (or eastern) 21st-century life.

The Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level 1, 2, 3 & Master) is also fitting if you have studied Mindfulness from the perspectives of other teachers, or even if you are a complete newcomer and are contemplating using the methods detailed in your own life in some way.

The emphasis of the course is on practical application, and the training does not shy away from negative experiences in your life. By the end of the course, you will know how to exercise self-awareness on a day-to-day basis and begin developing a mindfully contemplative life. You will have a clear view of how being mindful can be a regular part of your daily living.

Mindfulness is also a valuable discipline to study for those who are passionate about positively influencing other people in a guiding, coaching, mentoring, teaching or therapeutic counselling context.

This Achology certified training course comes with over 26 hours of video-based training, and an extensive range of Mindfulness and personal growth-related resources which you can download and use on yourself, or those people who you practice Mindfulness with in the future.

The benefits of taking this course are that you can study it anytime, anywhere and also from any device. You're also protected by a full money-back guarantee - which means that you can enrol on the course today, absolutely risk-free.

There's no deadline for completing this training. You can study the course lectures around your other commitments and complete the Mindfulness Practitioner Course at your preferred pace — most students complete this training within 2-4 months.

Introducing Your Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
Upon completion of this section students will have a grounded understanding of what mindfulness is, what it can be used for and a basic knowledge of the conscious and unconscious minds.
Welcome to Your Mindfulness Practitioner Course
Welcome to the Mindfulness Practitioner CourseIn this short video, Kain will introduce the course and talk more about what you’re going to learn, and how you’ll go about learning it.Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
Course Instructions & Udemy Navigation Support
Course Overview and What You Can Expect
This Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master) was created so that anyone, anywhere, can quickly and efficiently learn to practise mindfulness in their daily life and enjoy the benefits.No matter where you are, or whatever your lifestyle, you now have access to one of the most comprehensive and pragmatic mindfulness training courses that are available online. With a structure that's easy to follow and at a pace that suits you, you'll be guided through all the main schools of Mindfulness-Based thinking.Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
The Benefits of Mindfulness
Most people think of mindfulness as relief from anxiety or depression, a cure for health problems or a recipe for inner peace and increased concentration.However, the truth is that mindfulness does not aim to achieve any of these. Mindfulness is simply an Eastern practice to train our mind. It is a practice that cultivates sustained conscious wakefulness or presence. Mindfulness is all about raising awareness of ‘what is’.Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
The Three Ways That We See
In this insightful video, Kain discusses the three main ways in which we see and perceive as humans.1: Seeing with eyes (seeing without insight nor comprehension) Physical sight.
  • Thea = Greek for unconsidered observation. Bilepi
  • Theorei (Greek) = to observe intently looking for a reasonable explanation.
  • Horao (Greek) To perceive and believe without personal bias or prejudice.
Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
The Trinity of Human Functioning
There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe - the Universal Mind. It is all knowing, all powerful, all creative and always present. As it is present everywhere at the same time, it follows that it must also be present in you. Your mind is part of the one Universal Mind. This is not merely a philosophical ideal passed down to us through the ages. Know it, believe it, apply it and you will see your life transform in miraculous ways. Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
Exponential Thinking: How Big is Big?
"MIND is the universal intelligence behind life, consciousness creates an awareness of what we call reality, and thought is the power to create our moment to moment existence." - Sydney Banks Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
Busting the Myths of Mindfulness
Human beings have a hugely unhelpful tendency of rejecting those things that they do not understand, and subsequently, have had many complaints about mindfulness (and the practice of it).For the most part, these claims are commonly based on misunderstandings of what mindfulness is (and isn't) about. In this short article, Kain will tackle 12 of these misunderstandings.Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
The Three Levels of Consciousness: Part 1
The totality of our consciousness is comprised of three levels: the subconscious, the conscious, and the unconscious. Each level of consciousness represents a differing degree of intensity of awareness…This video is Part 1 of 2Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
The Three Levels of Consciousness: Part 2
The totality of our consciousness is comprised of three levels: the subconscious, the conscious, and the unconscious. Each level of consciousness represents a differing degree of intensity of awareness…This video is Part 2 of 2Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
The Conscious and Unconscious Mind
Differences between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master)
  • No prior experience of mindfulness is needed to join in this course.
  • Study mindfulness from the comfort of your home or preferred cafe.
  • You can study mindfulness anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  • Students are advised to take notes for self-reflection purposes.
  • An MP3 version is available for those who like to study 'on the go'.
  • Access your training course from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Additional PDF materials are also included to compliment your learning experience.
  • Join the course prepared to learn a new life philosophy that may differ from your current beliefs and worldview.
Kain Ramsay
Kain Ramsay
Psychology Instructor & #1 International Bestselling Author
Achology Ltd
Achology Ltd
The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
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