M&A Professional Certificate Examination

M&A Professional Certificate Examination
2 hours course
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M&A Professional Certificate Examination
What will you learn?
Test your knowledge. Gained a clear, comprehensive understanding of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)? Next step is to complete the M&A Professional Certificate Examination from the New York Institute of Finance.
About the course

Ready to start your career in M&A;? If you’ve gained a clear, comprehensive understanding of M&A; concepts and theories, your next step is to complete the M&A; Certification Exam from the New York Institute of Finance.

To earn your Professional Certificate in Mergers & Acquisitions from NYIF, you must pass this exam.

The exam is 20 questions, timed at one hour. To qualify for the certificate, learners must receive a grade of at least 70% or better.

Prerequisite to sit for this exam is to earn a Verified Certificate in all 5 M&A; courses from NYIF:

M&A Professional Certificate Examination
Complete the required exam to earn your professional certificate in Mergers & Acquisitions from the New York Institute of Finance.
Steve Literati
Steve Literati
Instructor NYIF
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