Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator - for Beginners & Beyond

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18 hours course
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$ 129.99
What will you learn?
Develop a Professional Iconic Logo Designs
Develop a Professional Typographic Logo Design
Develop Professional Vintage Logo Designs
Study and follow a client brief to create a logo exactly to requirements with ultimate satisfaction.
Gain valuable insight into colour psychology to influence the audience.
Construct an awesome mood board to further develop and refine logo ideas.
Learn how to develop logo design sketches like a professional.
Discover the very best materials to use in the sketching stage.
Discover how to develop a logo with deep & rich meanings.
Prepare sketches in Illustrator ready for optimal tracing.
Discover suitable colour modes for on-screen and in print.
Master every primary tool in Illustrator to weave masterpieces.
Increase competency in Illustrator and its features to illustrate almost anything.
Master the almighty Pen Tool to develop stunning symbol designs.
Professionally kern and prepare type for ultimate aesthetics.
Marry type with symbols professionally.
Sit taglines so they look great against a company name.
Learn how to design with optical illusions in mind.
Learn how to colour logos professionally and how to make the most of few colours.
Learn how to apply simple but effective effects with a few mouse clicks.
Learn how to develop mockups of photorealistic objects with your logo upon them.
Discover how to organise logo design files.
Learn to to present your logo design work to the client professionally.
Learn how to handle logo design feedback and revisions and completion.
Obtain email templates which you can use for your own business.
Find out how to price your logo designs to get the most money for your skill.
Learn about different logo design formats and their benefits.
Put your skills to the test with an array of projects to complete!
How to comprehend and use professional logo / graphic design terms
Speak to me in the Q&A at any time! Present your work and / or fire a question!
About the course

* 'Truly the best course I have come across on Udemy (out of 30 so far!)'

* I have learned more about logo design here than I have at college'

* 'I am just amazed by how dedicated the creator is to this course, I think this is better than university courses. 5/5 perfect'.

* 'After just a few sections, I learned more than I did in my four years of undergrad getting my BFA in Graphic Design.'

* I was able to win 4 logo competitions worldwide. Thanks to this course'

* 'One of the best Logo design Courses on Udemy.'

* 'Really the best Logo design course ever created.'

* I wish I could rate 10. The courses of Mr Evans are enough for everyone to be a professional logo designer'.

* 'Stop reading reviews and buy this class. incredible.'



Do you want to be a professional logo designer who can design stunning logos with little effort? This is your exclusive opportunity to learn from an award winning, published logo design professional so that YOU can do this in no time at all!

In the course, I reveal the whole professional logo design process from start to finish covering everything from sketching, fonts, character placement, symbol development, colour application and much more. You'll also learn insider tips and tricks as well as having a full briefing of logo design types in exclusive showcases.

I also provide all the materials I use to run my day to day logo design business so you can use them to do exactly the same from logo design client questionnaires to email templates. You'll also gain insight into my communication with a real life client as we embark upon the First Point Surfing case study!

Not only that, we're going to explore additional case studies designing symbolic logos for Coffeeshake and Goldstein, Typographical logos for Cloudbox and Goinstall and vintage logo designs in the Bristol Barbers case study!  I'm also going to pass on the skill of designing unique mosaic / Pixel style logos!

What's more there are exercises laid out for each and every one of these logo types, so that you can try your hand at them and receive valuable, professional feedback from me in the Q&A!

All that's required to start is a free download of Adobe Illustrator and a pencil and paper. From here we're going to go on a journey to design awe inspiring logos.

If you want to master designing proper, professional logos faster than you ever imagined, I'll see you on the inside!

Get your Certificate of Completion after finishing the entire course!

Learn about Daniel Evans, what you need and what you can expect from the course.
About the Designer - Daniel Evans
My introduction as a graphic designer with over 20 years experience in the industry. I'll tell you a little about my past work, what I've achieved and my style of teaching.
Vector Vs Raster (Pixel Graphics)

The fundamental difference and primary advantage of vector vs raster (pixel) based graphics which under rules the value of the service you'll go on to offer.

The Tool of the Trade

Grab the logo design industries standard tool: Adobe Illustrator to begin the journey of creating professional, digital logo designs!

Test Your Knowledge
Know the difference and importance of Vector vs Raster graphics
Know your Raster vs Vector & Software?
Put your knowledge to the test to see what you know about Vector vs Rater graphics!
Types of Logo Design
Discover the main types of logo design with exclusive presentations of past logo design work.
Types of Logo Introduction
A brief word before we delve into logo types.
Discovering Wordmark Logos

We dive right into wordmark logos in this exclusive, inspirational slideshow of my work to discover how simple text logo can be designed in a way that looks highly professional and pleasing to the eye.

Textual Iconic Logos Uncovered

The most popular logo form is an icon paired with text.I'm going to reveal to you some of my past, finest textual iconic logos with a rundown of each for you to gain familiarity and a surge of inspiration.

All about Combined Logos

An icon or picture formed with or nestled between text is what makes a combined logo and we're going to have an in-depth look at a series of them which I've designed in the past for you to soak up to develop ones of your own.

Exploring Enclosure Logos

We jump in head first to discover exactly what makes an enclosure logo and the style of design we can employ to deliver one of awesome quality.

  • Adobe Illustrator (or Trial Version) or any other Vector Software
  • Scanner or digital camera / iPad / tablet camera is preferable to photo sketches to trace.
  • Pencil, paper & eraser.
  • Positive attitude & willingness to learn.
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans
Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience
Udemy courses are suited to professional development. The platform is organized in such a way that it is experts themselves that decide the topic and when the course will start. All supporting documents are made available to you for lifetime access. On this platform, you can find a course on about any subject, and that is no exaggeration – from a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle, to managing the financial markets. The language and the course format are established by the teacher. This is why it is important to read the information about the course carefully before parting with any money.
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