Linux Command Line Basics

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What will you learn?
realize the potential of the Linux command line.
navigating the Linux Filesystem.
explain the Linux Filesystem hierarchy.
use command options.
create hard and soft links.
use powerful Linux wild cards.
create,view and manipulate files.
use different Linux text editors (nano,gedit).
find help while using the Linux command line.
create you own Linux commands .
About the course

Join the most popular #1 Linux Course on Udemy (over 100,000 students).

Become an effective Linux user and advance your Career. Learning the Linux Command Line will take you FAR!

Learn to appreciate the power of the Linux command line.

Understand the structure of the Linux File System.

Learn how to navigate your Linux File System using few simple commands !

Learn how to create, modify and process files.

Learn how to create your own Linux commands.

There is a file associated with every video explaining the commands to reinforce your understanding and to clear any confusion you have .

Introduction to the Command Line
Open the terminal
Learn how to open your terminal
Few simple commands
Here we learn how to display the date on our terminal
The Linux File System
In this video, you will learn how the Linux file system is structured. You will also learn about some important directories. I suggest that you take a look at the pdf file in the downloadable materials after watching this video.
Navigating the File system
Learn how to navigate your Linux system through your command line (Terminal)
File system
ls like cd !
Notice the similarity and the consistency of the Linux Commands
Hard Links vs Soft Links
Understand the two types of Linux Links and realise the differences between them.
Creating Links
Learn how to create linux links on your command line
A directory loop !
Creating a directory loop using Linux soft links !
Linux Links
ls command options
Here we explore the different options for our ls command
  • A desire to learn Linux.
  • any Linux distribution installed on your computer ( even on a virtual machine).
Ahmed Alkabary
Ahmed Alkabary
Professional Linux Administrator - 150,000+ Happy Students.
Udemy courses are suited to professional development. The platform is organized in such a way that it is experts themselves that decide the topic and when the course will start. All supporting documents are made available to you for lifetime access. On this platform, you can find a course on about any subject, and that is no exaggeration – from a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle, to managing the financial markets. The language and the course format are established by the teacher. This is why it is important to read the information about the course carefully before parting with any money.
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