Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Prep

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Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Prep
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Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Prep
What will you learn?
Pass the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator exam.
About the course

This prep course designed by the Linux Academy takes the public objects for Red Hat's RHCSA 7 certification and puts you on the path to succeed the examination. At Linux Academy, we want to provide you with an in-depth understanding of managing a Red Hat system at an administrator level so that you can use your skills on real servers in the real world.   The Linux Academy is in no away affiliated with Red Hat, Inc, and this course is not provided or reviewed by Red Hat, Inc.

Introduction to the RHCSA Course
Essential Tools
Access a Shell Prompt and Issue Commands
Learn how to open the terminal from the Red Hat 7 Enterprise GUI interface, read man page syntax and ensure we are issuing commands with the proper syntax.
Use Input/Output Redirection
Learn about stdout, stderr, input/output redirection and other commands for manipulating command output.
Use grep and Regular Expressions to Analyze Text
Learn how to use the grep tool to filter through standard output and files to analyze and parse text.
Access Remote Systems Using SSH
Use SSH to connect to remote systems.
Log in and Switch Users in Multiuser Targets
Learn about interactive shells, login shells and customization shell files.
Archive, Compress, Unpack and Uncompress Files Using tar, star, gzip and bzip2
Use tar, star, gzip and bzip2 to work through examples demonstrating archiving files, file compression, and combining tar with compression programs for the management and packaging of files.
Create and Edit Text Files
Learn how to use nano, vi and vim to create and edit text files on the command line.
Create, Delete, Copy and Move Files and Directories
Learn how to move, copy and create files and directories on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
Create Hard and Soft Links
Take a look at hard links and soft, or symbolic, links and the linking of files.
  • There are required prerequisites for this prep course; however, previous operating system administration experience will be very helpful.
Linux Academy
Linux Academy
Instructor at Linux Academy
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