Interpreting Vernacular Architecture in Asia

4 months
Certification paid
Course by EdX
What will you learn?
Throughout the course, we will examine a wide range of topics, such as: what is vernacular architecture
how climate and the availability of building materials influence building decisions
vernacular architecture in rural and urban settings
cultural sustainability and the conservation of the vernacular built environment.
About the course

This course is about architecture. But it's not about grand structures such as monuments or royal palaces. Rather, it is about the built environment that the ordinary people live in. Instead of the architectural techniques, we use stories to understand the processes through which people make their building decisions.

We use Asia as the backdrop for the discussion of these topics. Partly because of Asia's rich heritage and diversity, but also due to the unique complexity that the people in the region face as they go through rapid economic, social, and cultural changes.

In this examination of the connection between vernacular buildings and peoples' cultural identities, we will review real-world examples and talk to experts in the field. At the end of this course, you will gain a unique perspective about the everyday environment that you live in - one perhaps that you've never had before. You will begin to understand and appreciate the value of the ordinary built environment around you.

Whether you are an avid architect or you simply just care about the built environment you live in, this course is for you.

Interpreting Vernacular Architecture in Asia
Discover the value oflocal peoples' traditional built environments in Asia,find inspiration in these buildings, andlearn how to conserve them for future generations.
David P. Y. Lung
David P. Y. Lung
Professor of Architecture University of Hong Kong
Howard Davis
Howard Davis
Professor of Architecture University of Oregon
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